Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 7 morning, by Huang Bei Party committee of street new beautiful community, new beautiful community is resided appoint can sponsor, long federation of volunteer river of city of management board of Luo Hu of bureau of environment of Shenzhen town organisms’ habits, Shenzhen, Luo Hu goes Ou Xinxiu elementary school of water Wu bureau, collect lake assist do, the Huang Bei that Dong Yihuan of area of Shenzhen city collect lake protects volunteer association to undertake is street project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of new beautiful community ” environmental protection enters school yard ” activity, hold as scheduled in new beautiful elementary school. 30 pairs of parents and child enter an activity. In environmental protection volunteer guide below, old friend is pulling the child’s hand, come to perambulatory study to wadi of area under administration. Scan widely rectifies a wadi, have the view of day of La Shuimei not only, still can see the citizen is in the bank is peaceful and carefree ground go angling, these are explaining some closer year of Luo Hu area in prevent floods by water control the respect that protect water obtained apparent effect. Visit wadi, the section water class that senior engineer Mr. Zhang Shiqiong returns bureau of environment of Shenzhen town organisms’ habits to display Wen Bingmao of a graph for everybody. Mr. Zhang is told from the necessity of water of the utility of water natural resources, section above all case, the resource of fresh water of average per capita that speaks of our country measures the 1/4 that is world average level only, it is one of countries with the poorest natural resources of water of global average per capita. Hear here, children consult Mr. Zhang to be in daily life in succession how section water, small key of what section water to have again? Mr. Zhang is solved one by one to these problems. In last segment, volunteer association gives a title, encourage children to be grabbed actively answer, exceedingly good person still won elegant award. Parents express in succession, an environmental protection takes campus activity, allow authority ” come back with fruitful results ” .


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