Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Became in dining-room 5 years of large kitchen, offerred many 30 free and maigre lunch for old person of orphans and widows and difficult group, xiong Yu of 49 years old feels his body has some of be unable to stand eventually. Everyday midday, he should do the meal of 200 people, for this, from was about to begin to busy more at 7 o’clock every morning, the time that takes breakfast repeatedly is done not have, the ability after cleaning sanitation to afternoon all the time leaves, mix on the weekend holiday also not put up the shutters. Nowadays, warmth and love are being delivered as before, xiong Yu gave Wu Shumei of an enthusiastic personage to do this free dining-room. This free and Lenten house is located in the crane of area of Shenzhen city collect lake to surround a village, midday 11 when, inside inn full already. Come here the old person of repast, it is old person of orphans and widows more very, or the old person that children is not beside. A student also comes round to have a meal, she says, leave home midday too far, come here to have a meal to also had been held out. Still the old person is taking grandchildren to eat lunch to here together. Became 5 years large kitchen sends Xiong Yu of 300 thousand free lunch to open business to come to here one week later in dining-room. He tells a reporter, free dining-room opened business 2014. At first, an enthusiastic personage Mr Liu wants to pass on a society, provide a few helps for those life inconvenient people, launched plan of this free lunch then, and the running expenses that the burden had dining room. The shop of about 70 square metre takes this area that still an enthusiastic personage that surnames cropland will be located in Shenzhen collect lake to use as dinning. Ursine eaves memory says, when free at that time lunch plans to initiate, it is to be without experience completely. Everybody from acquire desk and chair, call together chef to begin, be on the right path step by step. A glass was lain between among shop, among them more than 10 square metre are taken use as kitchen. The most difficult is to look for chef, because want to do the meal of hundreds of people everyday, this is a formidable task. Rebuke eaves volunteers, should have large kitchen. At the beginning hand is little, from buy food, pick dish, naughty rice, cook, almost all work he contracted. From every morning the day is not light he is about to get up the lunch that begins preparation one day, he often has not enough time even breakfast to eat, only when all people eat lunch midday, he just gathers up hurriedly a few meals, breakfast, lunch closed together to eat. But in living for a long time in lampblack environment, tremendous workload also brings very big loss to Xiong Yu’s body, begin before 3 months, because long-term fried dish needs to carry iron bowl, pair of his hand occurrence arthritis, take boiler to shovel an arm to be borne hard with respect to ache. Since May 1, xiong Yu is forced the important task of temporary debus large kitchen. These 5 years, his altogether was done about the same many 30 free lunch. At first, to this free dining-room that appears around the village, a lot of people feel very fresh, after many old people try to here, liked to go up gradually of this dining-room maigre. The number that has a meal to dining-room from at first a few people add about a hundred person, increase to now to everyday 200 much people eat free lunch in this slowly. 60 years old of above become staff member majority deadbeat people after knowing the staff member of this free dining-room is compulsory labor completely, a lot of people were touched, more and more people are joined come in, exhaust oneself power. Nowadays, the staff member majority of dining-room is the old person of 60 years old of above. Equestrian aunt of 73 years old comes from Sichuan, she is done in dining-room the labour that wash a bowl has had 3 years of many time, she helps a daughter bring grandson in the home originally, but see have so much enthusiastic personage is socially difficult group offers free lunch, equestrian aunt is philanthropiced act or project to touch by theirs, she forgoes the opportunity of natural span of life of take care of oneself is in the home, every sky midday is punctual at 10 o’clock help to dining-room clean sanitation and wash a bowl. Additionally two young Liu master workers and king master are in charge of helping upright dish and side deadbeat people make a meal. The chef group of whole dining room is stabilized stage by stage come down, a 10 people control ” working party ” the core volunteer that begins to make dining room. Xiong Yu says, because everybody has his thing, the person that can go down in free dining-room job all the time is minority after all, the person of intermediate in and out is not little also, but every cross a few months to enthusiastic personage complement comes in. “Everyday a lot of people eat meal consciousness to stay help wash a bowl, clean sanitation, although explain them without the person,do these businesses. ” a meal eats off 100 jins meter of Wu Shumei that what 200 jins of dish are in charge of managing this restaurant nowadays is this year 61 years old. Wu Shumei’s children has gotten married, she can bring grandson in the home originally, but she is a person that idle does not stay in, she hopes to after she retires, can continue to produce more than heat, she becomes a volunteer in dining-room also already 3 years many. the aunt says, at the beginning oneself jump square dance hears here has a free dining room, come over to bilk the meal feels embarrassed, came over to help. Those who come here to have a meal is not little it is the old person of orphans and widows around and difficult group. But the reputation as Lenten house is bigger and bigger, the person that has a meal to here already not the dweller near be confined to, a lot of people from big old far run to have a meal, have impecunious hobo, also have went up the difficult old person of age, also have the disabled of inconvenience of ability to walk, also have environmental sanitation industry, still have student elder brother even. Large kitchen tells a reporter, want to make the lunch that 200 people eat, it is a very formidable job, he was about to begin the work at 7 o’clock from every sky midday. The lunch altogether that day 4 dish, burn potato, fry balsam pear of dish of naked oats of Chengdu of kidney bean, garlic, wine, add the exemple boiling water of a clear hot reduce internal heat additionally. Hutch group has clear division of labor after, somebody cleans out rice, somebody picks food, somebody cuts course. As a result of the person that have a meal much, each job is a formidable task. When cleaning out rice, want to be examined carefully whether are there foreign matter or good thing inside rice, and rice cannot be boiled too forcedly, because come round,the majority that have a meal is an old person, their tooth is bad. Picking food also is an effort work, 200 much people have a meal, light of a meal is about to eat off tomato patch about the same 60 jins, cutting potato skin is a formidable all the more task. “A meal should use up 80-100 almost jin 200 jins of rice, dish, calculate the expenditure that comes down one day about 1000 yuan, fastigium when, repast comes before having 300 much people everyday. ” Wu Shumei says, at ordinary times feed capable person basic by justice labour people from all round the market with a few cheaper prices is purchased, vegetable stall boss is used in the vegetable that is informed them to purchase cook eat freely to old people, basically sell vegetable to give them with cost price. The hope passes on love in the hall of about 60 square metre, placing 16 pieces thickly to be able to sit the dining table of 4 people. Midday at 11 o’clock half, open eat formally. Wu Shumei announces, the person of the first desk can take meal before, then, the people of the first desk starts, before taking bowl chopsticks, go to meat is gotten over there the staff member. Next the 2nd desk, the 3rd desk, everybody falls in Wu Shumei’s accost, ordinal before go getting meat. Wu Shumei says, the person that has a meal to here is secured quite relatively. Because cherish is thankful, the people of repast comes before place, metropolis consciousness CD acts, do not waste a commissariat. Eat a meal, on the table clean also, without oily be soiled, also do not have meal bead. The first person that have a meal has not left, queue up to await repast on the chair that the person that repast comes to before the 2nd preparation has been at the door dining-room. Midday at 12 o’clock, the first repast person repast ends. Probably midday at 12 o’clock half, the 2nd repast person repast ends. Wu Shumei this ability rested at a heat, sat on bench to rest a few minutes, beat shoulder with the hand, begin to have a meal. “We all staff members also have a meal here, what eat with them is same. ” Wu Shumei says. Knew Shenzhen as increasing person this free dining-room, the person that comes round to have a meal is increasing also, but the reception of dining-room ability is limited after all, also can recieve repast of 300 much people only at most. Fortunately in succession enthusiastic personage also can donate a few rice, oil to free dining-room, alleviated the management pressure of dining-room. Wu Shumei says, what this free dining-room advocates at the beginning is a love pass on, help those inconvenient people, reflect Shenzhen the temperature of this city and civilized degree. Can continue 5 years to look from free dining-room, had achieved this kind of result. Xiong Yu also expresses, although oneself did not continue to be here because of body reason,become large kitchen, but he still hopes almsdeed of this kind of love can continue to continue. “Want love to pass on only, free dining-room can leave all the time go down. Free dining-room can leave all the time go down..


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