Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 12 morning, village mother-in-law of 102 years old is in of family accompany below, attended to often surround community better birthday to meet, see song and dance together with the community dweller that is born 90 first half of the year, eat birthday cake, accept everybody’s blessing, spent a different birthday. After the activity ends, the granddaughter of a respectful form of address for an old person is in dweller group in leave a message say: “The picture that wants to be able to get on the mother-in-law in birthday saves accept as a souvenir, that is the mother-in-law is the happiest and happy momently! ” village mother-in-law because year the work is expensive already, at ordinary times not very goes out, hear community has collective birthday to meet, came cheerfully.
This is to often surround community item of small fact of the people’s livelihood looked 2019, hong Fuqi enjoys happy coexistence — birthday of the person that often surround company warden is met. Experience the care of community and care to let more old person, often surround community Party committee to break the short that organizes an activity in assembly room before, mobile spot the setting is in a banquet wine shop, the old person that can let more spend birthday enjoys pleasure in easy environment; Allow a resident to the top of one’s bent festively singing and dancing, serve a blessing for the longlived person. Mobile spot still set photography area, let like the instant of joy of old person tarry that take a picture. Often surround the community dance band, member that often surrounds team of community Africa strains of music accompanied by drumbeats to enter arena, for longlived person add to the fun. To make spot atmosphere more enthusiastic, labour orgnaization is stationed in the company of be good at scene of responsible activity to often surround community party group the company of the service center is versed in the street strings together alley, invite community 4:30 the child of classroom, Beijing radical 5 old personnel, volunteer waits for the security personnel of 100, community, record the blessing that issued them, broadcast circularly in the spot with the form of video. The longlived person of the spot receives the blessing of so much person, each light up with pleasure. Gui Yuan is street agency party is versed in appoint clerical Feng Jian, often surround community Zhang Zunsheng of the first secretary also comes to the spot, the old person that has been birthday served cordial blessing. Two secretaries are playing the hand of mother-in-law of village of luck of 100 years old of people, wish everybody is long-lived 100 years old. Often surround secretary of community Party committee Xu Shaoqiong and often surround community old age east wind of association chairman Cai is extemporaneous for old person sing opera arias ” the song of friendship ” , promote the activity to climax. Mother-in-law of village of 100 years old of old people is taking two red balloons to fondle admiringly, old person in ruddy health, in photography casing, laughed at a flower. Labour having a company asks her next year still does not come, the old person says with the Hakkas dialect: “Come, come below one year again! Come below one year again!!


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