Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Late on July 6, the citizen signs up for hot line report to Shenzhen business, in Luo Hu garden of earth of Ou Taibai road east discover a fox. Hind appraisal of staff member of center of minister of classics Shenzhen wild animal, this is a country actually 3 have protective animal — arctic fox.
The video that the arctic fox that the citizen discovers in garden of earth of too white road provides according to the citizen can see, color of this bub hair is ashen, a few bigger than moggy, mouth is very pointed, the tail is big and fleeciness, a necklace was taken on the neck. Introduce according to spot citizen, this arctic fox often appears in earth garden recently east parking lot, in the Xiang Lu end the car the person begs food. Lady of king of one store owner introduces the village, upstairs see before resident raised a fox to do pet. This resident takes the advantage of a person before about half month carelessly, discard basket and fox by Ms. Wang shop. The fox runs to roam about inside the village from basket later, often hide in the car next. Once, when the car is started carelessly, broke make friends of a foreleg, very pitiful. Because fear the fox is starved to death, regular meeting of Ms. Wang classics is cast to the fox feed a few food. To specific after which circle is raised, discard again, ms. Wang states she also did not see well. She expresses furiously, if raised pet, be about to be in charge of to it, if cannot continue to raise, also want to help it look for a place to had found a place for, cannot lose outside without giving thought to. “Puppy roams about outside, very dangerous, may be died by car make friends or while still alive is starved to death, too pitiful. ” Ms. Wang says. After the fox is hurt by make friends, send around pet hospital cure it by good intention citizen. Pet hospital working personnel discovers this puppy is different from the pet of common, contacted center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal to appeal then. Staff member of center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal makes the introduction that build brave, via observing judgement, this is an arctic fox. Arctic fox belongs to canine division animal, belong to in our country 3 have protective animal. Xu Jianyong reminds, arctic fox does not suit to be raised as pet, because itself carries a bacteria,be and haggard, once the citizen is caught to bite, must wild dog of seasonable have an inoculation is vaccinal. The 2nd, as 3 have protective animal, the citizen did not obtain those who but cannot be raised as pet,make. Current, this only arctic fox has sent toward center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal, after waiting for the condition of an injury to improve, will evaluate a decision how to undertake handling by minister center.


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