Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Shenzhen city teachs division courtyard to combine each school to declare material and the result that in last few years classroom reforms, evaluation decided 29 schools such as middle school of Shenzhen city emerald green garden are ” classroom revolution ” experimental school. On July 2, to advance experimental school effectively ” classroom revolution ” the job, area of Shenzhen city collect lake teachs area of lake of Caire of division courtyard call together middle and primary school ” classroom revolution ” experimental school work is advanced meeting, 3 experiments school is reported ” classroom revolution ” the job develops a case is this second conference ” grand opera ” , shared education of 6 paces pedagogy, Composite, ” classroom supermarket ” the experience that waits for classroom reform and concept, click of the tongue of the leader that wins the spot, teacher praises. Collision of new experience new idea gives scintilla to occupy the introduction of president of Dong Xiao elementary school, dong Xiao elementary school ” classroom revolution ” have 7 measure, change to have a class better, strengthen constituent construction above all, establish ” safeguard of concept go ahead of the rest, mechanism, groom promotion, research is driven, be brave in exploration, time innovates ” working train of thought, the educational reform that made by a definite date 3 years teachs grind the course of working overall planning and every semester teachs grind plan, transform thereby pedagogic idea, change development to lay good organization foundation and thought foundation for the class; Weigh education of light eye classroom, pay attention to equipment class hour to devise plan of structural style education, teach students in accordance of their aptitude strengthens materiality management, should develop pedagogic key member to lead action more, and preexistence class changes experimental class try out, make a class change outstanding pattern plate, fan out from point to area closes to the class changes; The classroom innovation train of thought that builds class delibrate to communicate platform to inspire entire school thereby at the same time, change the evaluation pattern of heavy exam result, the study result of integrated assess student.
About ” classroom revolution ” it is the problem such as what, li Fugui of doctor of academy of science of education of collect lake area is made solve. Sponsor the square Luo Hu that offer a plan is advanced exert oneself of ministry of junior high school of river of middle school bank changes at studying Composite learns a lesson, bencihui discusses the experience that brought executive way to share as primary as the experiment effect. Luo Hu is advanced the main job train of thought that ministry of junior high school of river of middle school bank decided to Composite classroom education reforms: Below the deepness confluence in IT application and discipline education, realize those who teach resource to not have seam conformity and share, the study that provides open mode individuation for the student and coach, the essence that is based on big data after that allows education and evaluation to have education to the student, achieve education student to learn the purpose of habit and ability independently thereby. School of collect lake foreign language around ” offer individuation to teach ” core, branch year undertakes the class of specific aim changes measure, this officer president with ” each beauty its beauty, the beauty of beauty ” high overview. One, tall 3 executive individual character coach, all student chooses self-study independently or the teacher coachs, the teacher should grasp hold ” grab from last student ” the concept is active ” dog ” study circumstance, guide a student to hit win the university entrance exam this ” war ” ; 2, tall one second year in high school is carried out ” Internet + learn this classroom ” , not only the technical support of network unobstructed, returned exploration to give classroom basic form reachs his to change type; 3, custom-built to partial student executive education implementation is open run a school, in outside school at present the support of units of all sorts of new and high scientific research falls, collect exterior cent student uses cold summer vacation and the time on the weekend, the society that began deepness carries out an activity, had fostered elite of a batch of industries. Why should undertake ” classroom revolution ” ? Collect lake area teachs Li Fugui of scientific academy doctor to express, “Classroom revolution ” the interest relative that is student development, include the teachers and students, parent, leader, expert curriculum that make and education to lead community to change the pattern of traditional teaching jointly, the study pattern that breaks traditional teaching method, passivity, onefold student evaluation, apply the transition that teachs the study of means and student way with achieving those who change a teacher, include essence of recursive Yo person at least, shirt-sleeve technology measure, change learns way, realize classroom education mode finally reframe. Among them, IT is ” classroom revolution ” the most significant tool step. How to launch revolution? Dr. Li put forward 7 to have solid the proposal that does a gender: It is to strengthen constituent leader firstly, develop as soon as possible ” classroom revolution ” plan of 3 years of actions; It is to establish research community secondly, play scientific research is aided push ” classroom revolution ” action; It is development evaluation standard thirdly, play evaluation guides the effect that cites classroom education reform; Its 4 it is design of outstanding and unit education, begin ” one division actors or actress class ” upgrade edition experiment; Its 5 it is to optimize structural flow, compose advocates the classroom education that reflects distinguishing feature basic form; Its 6 it is to show experimental gain, summary abstracts experience and play sets an example be the first action; Its 7 it is to develop special activity, promote drive experiment of classroom education innovation to be begun deep continuously.


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