Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 8 afternoon, collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao is chaired hold an area appoint lecture of special subject of group of theory study center, li De of institute of cadre of Pudong of specially invite China teachs a problem to be ” aggrandizement party is built lead, innovation basic level is administered ” special subject coachs. Area appoint straight each unit of member of ensemble of academic center group, division each are cadre of deputy above handling level, street reach community main controller in all 460 people attend a lecture.
“Urban society structure, producer type and constituent configuration profundity change, pressing requirement develops the constituent dominant position of the party adequately, the urban work standard that promotes a party ceaselessly ” , ” urban party is built is not street party build, either residential area party is built, must bring all sorts of force into play adequately to take on jointly ” … on the lecture, li De is taught around ” aggrandizement party is built lead, innovation basic level is administered ” theme, from ” period setting ” , ” the new situation that face ” , ” the task that will strengthen party of urban basic level to build henceforth and requirement ” 3 much, give lessons to what everybody made explain the profound things in a simple way, the height that has theory already and prop up, agree with current job again actual, put forward a lot of be full of constructive opinion to suggest. On the lecture, personnel attending the meeting is serious attend a lecture, often mark next points with jotter, encounter the problem that does not know, professor Li De returns the spot to undertake doubt dispels doubts answering. “Lecture content full and accurate, case is rich, hope everybody is in will absorb seriously among the job henceforth, digest, apply. ” He Haitao expresses, luo Hu builds the division of go ahead of the rest of area and reforming and opening as the first of Shenzhen, development builds maturity of the earliest, society tall, but high-speed city changed a process to also bring a few more outstanding issues. In recent years, luo Hu is coordinated in economic construction and social construction exploration undertook on development, main way is ” build with basic level party lead basic level society processing ” , pay attention to play party to advocate bibcock action, roll out community system early or late reform, street ” greater part is made ” straight department of reform, division ” big section office ” reform and property service company participate in basic level to administer innovation, compose built those who perfect ” area, street, community, village ” 4 class administer a system. Collect lake area builds party of urban basic level from beginning to end work as sex of strategical, foundation, in recent years, luo Hu is grasper aggrandizement with building modern block to administer a system constituent politics function mixes street community party to be coordinated as a whole ” axes ” action, party of thorough executive community builds standardization to build, make ” 1+83+N ” party group the service center is allied; Exploration ” wisdom party is built ” , with area of Lou Yu, garden, business the area such as the circle changes thinking to advance burgeoning domain party to build, aggrandizement interconnection is interactive, drive open confluence, promote party of urban basic level the integral effect that build ceaselessly, came true to defeat a problem to arrive from exploration ” quality party is built ” span type develops, begin to march toward ” force party is built ” systematization promotion, begin 6 operations, from promotion thought cohesive affinity, politics leads centripetal force of force, processing, masses to organize force, organization to enclothe force, ego to innovate force to begin, develop an area adequately action, party of basic level of the city zone of farther perfect Luo Hu builds constituent system, revitalized development to offer strong organization to assure in the round for Luo Hu.


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