Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 1, the Chinese Communist is greeted China absurd. During the birthday of the party, collect lake area conducted a series of activities, stimulative party builds the job to begin. Among them, area appoint head of strip of secretary, area visits a Party member, whole area holds paradigmatic mechanism to found advance meeting and dweller village party to build the job to meet, party of get through basic level is built ” last meters ” , the Luo Hu that help strength promotes development. Party member of team of strip of secretary, area expressing sympathy and solicitude for ” are you old discipline of much good year? The body how? The birthday of the party came quickly, my representing area appoint you look in light of district government. ” eve of advent of section of July 1 found a party, collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao comes to Huang Bei all right street and luxuriant east village, begin difficult Party member to visit condolatory activity. Collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao (left 2) group comes to Huang Bei street and luxuriant east village, begin difficult Party member to visit condolatory activity. In home of prosperous of sword of bell of the member that walk into Laodang, he Haitao had the daily life of a family with his Lao, the body of old person of detailed inquire after and life circumstance. When seeing parent body hale and hearty, spirit is hale and hearty, he Haitao feels very glad, he expresses, old Party members are the contribution that the career place of the party makes, party and people won’t forget forever, exhort the bell often should take care of good body, how to enjoy life of good old age, have what problem, appeal to beg mirror to the organization at any time. Him Yan Zhongde of old Party member is apoplectic, action inconvenience, the wife also is a Party member, contract severe eye disease. In home of Yan Zhongde’s couple, he Haitao enquired their body rehabilitation circumstance, family has what difficulty to wait in detail. Arrive when understanding when fathering to still often have audition obstacle, he Haitao plays the hand of an old person designedly, move one’s ear close to exhorts the old person must live sturdily belief, be brave in to face difficulty, strive for illness early sunrise to show a favourable turn. Of everybody call in let Yan Zhongde’s couple be touched very, they express, special acknowledgment is organized all the time since the care to old Party member, they will be optimistic up state of mind, live well, produce more than heat. It is difficult to area under administration that He Haitao still asks basic level staff member wants Party member much care, much help, always put the changes in temperature of Party member masses on the heart, help them resolve real difficulty, send the warmth of party and government in heart of masses of each Party member. Next, party representative of leader of area quadruplet team, borough is developing tie ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” thematic education, arrive deep hang bit of street community, visit condolatory and difficult Party member and old Party member, understand their thought trends and life situation, listen to an opinion to build make peace to concern appeal to beg, help of specific aim ground solves real problem, achieve ” condolatory one person, warm, drive ” the effect. On July 1, luo Yode comes to warden of collect lake area to lotus pond all right street, visit old Party member of condolatory area under administration, send the consideration of the party and warmth to them. Have ” home of Chinese town enterprise ” the Zhou Jinting that say, joined a Chinese Communist 1955, it is an old Party member that having 64 years of party standing, he what be 83 years old as before spirit hale and hearty, expression flies upwards. “Now the body how? See your psychosis very good, vigor as before, still hitting at ordinary times too extremely hold to motion? ” in Home Zhou Jinting, luo Yode and old person in all word the daily life of a family, understand the domesticity situation of the old person in detail.
Collect lake trifling grows Luo Yode (right one) group comes to lotus pond street, visit old Party member of condolatory area under administration. Subsequently one pedestrian visited Zhouren to lay a Party member. He is lotus pond native, joined a Chinese Communist 1969, already had 50 years of party standing, once held the position of secretary of lotus pond mayor, branch, lotus pond is industrial joint-stock company president. See authority call in, zhou Rensheng expresses excitedly, “This year is found a party 98 years, oneself participated in the construction that Luo Hu comes to 40 years to develop, witnessed 40 years to come to Shenzhen the change of world-shaking, special acknowledgment is organized all the time since the care to old Party member, future will continue sturdy confidence, hopeful life. ” the member that Luo Yode thanks Laodang is opposite for years the Luo Hu, outstanding contribution that makes to lotus pond development. In express sympathy and solicitude for, luo Yode expresses, the brushstroke that old Party member is party and government is precious fortune, party and people won’t forget the contribution that they make forever. He emphasizes, want cogent the servive routine of the member that do good Laodang, the member that fulfil Laodang in the round guarantees policy each, modest the opinion that listens to them and proposal; Should cogent hang the changes in temperature of old Party member in mind, care the member that take care of good Laodang with affection attentively, make them old be depended on somewhat, old somewhat happy, old it is somewhat, how to spend old age happily. Advance paradigmatic mechanism to found quickly ” I am volunteer join a Chinese Communist, the program that supports a party… ” on July 1 morning, straight office of collect lake district is versed in appoint the organization was begun ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” center oath ceremony of party day activity and join or be admitted to the party of new Party member. Party members come to Shenzhen city party group the service center sees study, reviewed the development course of the Chinese Communist, the process that since passing profundity of picture of history of a group of teams to experience reforming and opening, Shenzhen high speed develops. “In the birthday of the party this day attends concentration party day activity is very significant, let us feel the history again. ” He Weiyu of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of collect lake area, just turned last week for formal Party member, she expresses, “Will be henceforth in working life, meeting hour notes his Party member status sincerely, do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, develop Party member model to be the first hard action. ” as we have learned, straight office of collect lake district is versed in appoint 45 branches of management share basic level Party committee 7, general Party branch 19, Party branch 180, 3185 people of Party member. Since this year, straight office of collect lake district began paradigmatic mechanism to establish operation of assault fortified positions, the political construction that not long ago held district straight office to strengthen a party and paradigmatic mechanism are founded advance meeting, the politics that studies deploy strengthens office party is built and advance the specific act that paradigmatic mechanism establishs. Next, various leading Party group knits mechanism will around ” 6 ” begin the work — , ” hold to an all to get ” ” around a target ” ” implement a batch of systems ” ” establish a mechanism ” ” had caught an activity ” ” . Area appoint clerical He Haitao points out, district straight office is an area appoint with district government Wu of kimono of the specific organizer of decision-making deploy, executant, person that fulfil person, must insist to regard essential sex as to build political construction, with ” walk along advanced row, brave when pioneer ” the standard catchs mechanism of good fine example to found the job, for whole area various party organization erects surveyor’s pole, the construction that drives whole area party and each career initiates new phase, for Shenzhen go ahead of the rest of socialism of construction China characteristic sets an example the urban example of area and socialistic modernization powerful nation makes Luo Hu contribute. He Haitao emphasizes, otherwise breaks aggrandizement politics responsibility, drive paradigmatic mechanism to found obtain actual effect. District straight office is versed in appoint want cogent play to plan as a whole action, innovation perfects the system mechanism that office party establishs and working measure, enhance the political function that office leading Party group knits; Want to advance paradigmatic mechanism to found deep, district leader wants the connection with active respective development to nod survey guidance, each unit of district straight office wants a when found lively action to be built to strengthen politics specific act, fulfil working deploy strictly, increase reform strength, broken solution difficult problem of mechanism of a batch of system, comprehensive promotion office builds a level. Focus ” the dweller’s demand is in, our service is in! ” hold party of village of whole area resident to build the job to meet, party of get through basic level is built ” last meters ” ” today, your Aidongle? ” must not think this is an argumentative catchword, actually this is a lot of dwellers ” contact cipher ” ; “The village is amounted to in 100 be an official the life is too happy ” , this also is not to say what big talk, however old people sends the one’s innermost thoughts and feelings from the bottom of one’s heart… this is Luo Hu since the area begins dweller village party to build, a few demonstrative villages bring the real change of common people. Luo Hu formed a dweller to be built in all manage the new structure that share in all. The strategic commanding elevation that party of urban basic level builds is more thorough and solid ground to advance dweller village party to build in whole area, let more dweller enjoy good life, on June 27 morning, luo Hu holds party of village of whole area resident to build the job to meet, area appoint constituent ministry undersecretary, area two new class appoint why should clerical Gao Yanyong begin dweller village party to build, dweller village party builds the target job that wants implementation, how to advance dweller village party to build waited for content to undertake explaining, right dweller village party built the job to undertake deploy 2019. “The dweller’s demand is in, our service is in! In the final analysis, dweller village party is built even if should mobilize village Party member and each force, solve dweller problem, had administered the village, found good life for the dweller. ” Gao Yanyong expresses, dweller village party builds the strategic commanding elevation that has become party of urban basic level to build, the party is mixed to the leader state of the village processing level, decided the processing level of whole town. In the meantime, dweller village also is construction of townsman happiness life advocate position, it is concerning the personal interest of every dweller and happy level, also be the mark of state of urban progress level, processing and civilized degree. Carry out ” quaternity ” Dang Jianmo type as we have learned, luo Hu is the building with the earliest Shenzhen area, dweller village amount much, type difficulty of complex, management is great, public security, fire control, dimension is mixed firmly the incident much hair such as safe production, frequency hair. Whole area the building of 33.72 square kilometer inside the area, village of densely covered dweller 988, property company 563, course of study appoint meet 195. Current, dweller village builds leading Party group to knit 466, manage a Party member 14512. Around how to make a dweller happier happier more satisfactory, in recent years, luo Hu builds aspirant travel in dweller village party explore continuously, be in dweller village through building branch, carry out ” quaternity ” Dang Jianmo type, gift dweller village Party branch ” 5 influence ” wait for means, make party flag high in dweller village flying. By last year, luo Hu made dweller village party build 1+3 file, namely ” the party is built lead compose to build dweller village in all treat in all share working system 3 years the action plans (2019-2021) ” , and begin dweller group, trade appoint the overall arrangement that meeting and property service company divide domain party 3 times to build, build dweller village party to build duty standard to change a system, exert oneself solves party of good city basic level to build ” last meters ” problem, formed a dweller to be built in all manage the new structure that share in all. Offer individuation to serve for the dweller ” the child classeses are over not was in, we have 4:30 classroom, dweller off hours does not have a thing to do, we have sing, calligraphy, Beijing opera, too extremely wait for 8 organizations, we have 3 owner group, want owner to have need only, a small letter a phone, the building grows to come to handle… hill bamboo typhoon the following day, village men and women is neat dispatch, many the biggest years old 70, the smallest have 2 years old many only, we the big family that 100 be an official are amounted to is a happy harmony. ” Dongxiao is street the happiness that 100 be an official amount to Hua Yongsheng of Liujing of secretary of village dweller Party branch to moved fresh example to tell about this big family and touch. She expresses, 100 be an official amount to dweller village party to build have ” 4 degrees ” , namely deepness, hardness, viscosity, temperature, offerred essence of life to allow diversiform personalized service for the dweller. “The village that the dweller loves him very much ” . As we have learned, the party builds the dweller village here to be decided to be Shenzhen city to stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work pay basic level demonstrative point, attracted the college such as Fudan University survey comes before famous expert scholar. It is 100 be an official amount to dweller village not only, lotus pond is street front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of fine horse of lotus community name Liang Shaoxiang of one branch secretary, east the lake is street dweller of Dong Lehua garden represents Jiang Min, green banboos is street Qu Yongling of secretary of Party committee of green banboos community, south the lake is street fishing abundant is industrial ball of Wu Song of secretary of Party branch of Inc. of abundant of Inc. president, fishing also shared respective practice and experience. Implementation village is built in all treat in all share ” at present, luo Hu had had the postulate that carries out dweller village party to build in whole area and pilot experience. ” Gao Yanyong expresses, carry out dweller village party to build, what establish party of urban basic level to build force to go to the village namely is oriented, build Party branch in the dweller village, construction that gives priority to a problem to begin a party with building village happiness to live, bring all force into play to realize a village to be built in all treat in all share. As we have learned, the party of village of collect lake dweller builds working theme to be built for the organization this year year, the target is to make Party branch organization enclothes the village with the job more effective, branch is built more standard standard, the key should build a village to build constituent system in all, gift authority of authority of discuss official business of village Party branch, proposal authority, human affairs authority, superintendence, appraise sth through discussion 5 influence, cent of multivariate, all combines perfect an organic whole, a village that cooperate with treat a mechanism in all, it is a center in order to solve village dweller’s unfortunate blessing, joyless, dissatisfactory problem, compose builds the village of diversity to serve a system. Know much D ” 6 one ” all-knowing dawn ● ” hold to an all to get ” , want firmly to hold to be gotten for all with the political construction of the party. ● ” around a target ” , want to revitalize development to contribute force for Luo Hu namely, drive Dang Jianhe business ” double hurried of double be in harmony ” . ● ” implement a batch of systems ” , fulfil namely since last year, in the center of, the series party organizational system that saves urban print and distribute spends a file. ● ” establish a mechanism ” , should build quality to build responsibility to fulfil a mechanism around promotion office party namely, build careful standard to assess cadre of mechanism, perfect Party member to incentive mechanism. ● ” had caught an activity ” , it is solid advance paradigmatic mechanism to establish an activity. ● ” build strong a team ” , want to carry the advanced sex of Party member team and purity namely.