Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The from the come to in sleep deeply the city zone in first sun rays in the morning, the high-rise of rays of morning or evening sunshine of dream of the be contaminated when the dusk, smoke cloud winds around the Chinese parasol hill with picturesque beautiful scenery, the night scene that rainbow of travel of wagon flow plain flows, powdery carry on one’s shoulder is fruity the pond of carry on one’s shoulder with conterminous greenery, rumour is strewn at random the green line with densely covered shade of a tree… mix up focal length, press shutter, record Luo Hu’s beauty with the photograph, organic still meeting is won highest 5000 yuan of large award. Recently, by Luo Hu bureau of sports of travel of area culture wide report is sponsorred, the 2nd when photography of house of culture of collect lake area, collect lake learns to undertake ” wonderful Luo Hu ” photography contest is started formally, aim area of tribute collect lake builds a division 40 years, the construction that help strength ” delicate high-quality goods is wonderful ” the city zone. It is reported, the contest sets quota of people of 117 bear the palm in all, among them first prize 2, bonus each 5000 yuan; Second-class award 5, bonus each 3000 yuan; Third class award 10, bonus each 1000 yuan; Outstanding award 100, bonus each 200 yuan. Current, the 2nd ” wonderful Luo Hu ” photography contest front collects a manuscript to broad citizen. Take part in the match construction of vogue of environmental protection of scene of the economic construction that work asks to reflect collect lake division with distinctive perspective, society, environment, zoology, society, humanitarian environment, culture, must film inside Luo Hu area, subject matter is not restricted, take part in the match work color, black and white all but. Those who need an attention is, to assure work authenticity, take part in the match to be adjusted what work can do brightness, contrast, degree of saturation only moderately, photograph of acrobatics of computer synthesis, darkroom declines take part in the match. Contribute means has the following two kinds. With CD contribute, the address is Luo Hu Ou Taibai road house of culture of area of 2009 Luo Hu 706, addressee is Li Minghui. With email contribute, work is sent to 348916923@qq.com, make clear ” contribute of the 2nd wonderful Luo Hu ” . Contribute ends time will be on August 28, 2019.


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