Dispatch of network of collect lake home: From help deficient up to save weak, environment improvement, introduce property to serve to build a public toilet… one stake stake, , street dribs and drabs becomes the lake south the thing of mouth of good masses door, drive dweller of area under administration hard from happy enjoy service trend to be happy to serve, draw shares happiness ” homocentric circle ” . South the lake is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Chen Mingwei expresses, future, south the lake is street the jumping-off place that will insist to regard all jobs as people satisfaction and stay dot, go all out in work hard, serve as actively, driving build in all treat in all in sharing basic level to administer pattern, explore again carry out again. Give the travel, environment, fire control, issue such as public security to solve old old village, contributive 26.62 million yuan of old to 87 old villages undertake the system is transformed, the dweller applauds in succession; Exceed strong typhoon ” Shan Zhu ” will raid, lodging of tree of area under administration, clear barrier of start off of the same night, saber saw axe is chopped, take the lead in in whole area all fronts restored road to pass through… basic level job does not have bagatelle, every little bit is bearing the weight of what people lives to happiness is yearning and expect. The times is to give a person, people is to read a person. Happy index of the dweller, cannot leave the warmth of this dribs and drabs. On June 28, luo Hu ” double week is released ” south the lake is street special performance ” report to people ” thematic activity is held. “To people report, affirmatory to people, ask people to inspect ” , strive ” make people satisfactory ” , the lake austral unlock is street happy password of the dweller.
        On the meeting, south the lake is street with video of water Chinese ink the lake austral means reviewing is street impress of the happiness in process of reforming and opening, in order to report piece to people report street party is versed in appoint, the working concept of agency and working outstanding achievement, reveal with cartoon form street ” 6 change ” construction work mechanism, with annular cover story of the lake austral the newsreel means, perspective state that carries average citizen.
South satisfaction of masses of street and integrated promotion spends the lake the program acts. Make happiness for the center with masses demand street ” we like this sunshine center very much, they care very much to us, the staff member is opposite with the leader we are very good, our action is no-go, their staff member carries with wheelchair, let our experience arrive to often be raised somewhat, old somewhat happy, we are here the 2nd home, I experience warm harmony. ” dweller of fishing Zuo community says so. The sunshine center in dweller mouth, be south satisfaction of masses of street and integrated promotion spends the lake what the program acts is vivid reflect. Those who regard collect lake area as one of the oldest the city zone south lake, face program lag, establishment old old wait for a series of challenges. Face heavy pressure, south the lake is street build with the party to lead, the resource force that condenses each respect participates in community processing. What live to happiness with satisfying people ceaselessly is yearning for the target, make good community, make happiness street. Street firmly holds the lake south ” demand is oriented ” ” build in all treat in all ” ” balanced share ” the problem is solved ” wait for a keyword, spend promotion masses satisfaction should do a special job to try to plan and be fulfilled. Ask through aggrandizement survey need, cutting accurate masses new breakthrough achieves on actual demand pulse; Aggrandizement masses is participated in, bringing each into play to just be participated in build in all treat in all share on achieve new breakthrough; Aggrandizement ability is built, rise in efficiency and be civilian new breakthrough achieves on the service; Aggrandizement ” 6 change ” construction, solving new breakthrough of the implementation on crucial question and difficult problem of the people’s livelihood; Aggrandizement fulfils safeguard, in the problem integrated mediate is solved on achieve new breakthrough; Aggrandizement publicizes strength, raising dweller masses to be opposite street with community job witting rate is mixed participate in degree on achieve new breakthrough.
Luo Hu ” double week is released ” south the lake is street special performance ” report to people ” thematic activity is held. The party is built lead ” 6 change ” form basic level to administer one Pan Qina lake street from fact of the people’s livelihood the thing is made, of the key in finding out basic level to work, immediate impact people is personal the core problem of the interest, explore steadily ” 6 change ” construction, built ” the party builds working platform to change, sheet of Zhang of constituent construction structuralization, safe production is changed, property management put together is treated change, urban government is stereo change, socialization of real issue of the people’s livelihood ” set system measure. South the lake is street build working platform to organize administrative Party member through the party, build ” embattle of party organization information pursues ” , look for the Party member beside, rise inattentive Party member organization; Innovation builds company unit party to establish political instructor mechanism, party of every company unit builds political instructor, connection, directive organization of 5 above party, build the bridge with a fair party organization and community, street blame; Build integral to make change administrative mechanism with workload, arouse a Party member to produce vanward type effect in every respect, highlight a Party member ” actual strength ” . The party is built is not simple accomplish in one move, separate domain, branch however the constituent construction that administrative levels of course of study, cent pushs a faction. South the lake is street with two new organizations ” two are enclothed ” , construction of organization of dweller village party is nodded for exert oneself, framework ” two new ” reach ” village ” the party builds bit of line to combine mode. Breakthrough subordinating relation restricts camp, according to industry characteristic constituent characteristic establishs associated group; Advance office branch knot to be opposite trade group, increase give aid to strength; Build industry party to establish communication mechanism, expedite communication channel; Build basic level to administer integration analysis meeting platform, collect problem, delibrate problem, solve a problem. South party of street ceaseless still innovation builds the lake administrative pattern, build with the party drive property government industry to participate in a society to administer to lead, in security of society, safe production, city government, property service, the people’s livelihood serves and raise masses satisfaction to spend wait for a respect to begin cooperation in the round. Street with area under administration company of 155 property service is signed ” establish agreement of good community cooperation in coordination ” , the assessment that makes pair of property serve an industry and award give aid to method, development ” property management assesses platform ” , invite tripartite assessment, annual special fund rewards transfer outstanding property serves an industry, judge an enterprise to talk about to difference hang out one’s shingle, deadline is rectified and reform.
South the lake is street drive dweller of area under administration from happy enjoy service trend to be happy to serve. 3 stereo change embroider kongfu to begin processing of the city zone to be on safe production management, south the lake is street build ” platoon of safe hidden trouble checks processing information platform ” , right ” 3 little rooms ” , business of pipe of rented house, accept, in build building site and small day labour the classification of of all kinds place such as Cheng classifications, one by one of quality of phyletic to hidden trouble unit, hidden trouble, quantity is registered, order item-by-item punish, regular go on a tour of inspection to hidden trouble, implementation trends is changed, management of closed circuit type. Make ” south the lake is street mechanism of safe go on a tour of inspection ” ” south hidden trouble of street safe production is in the lake buy mechanism ” ” south the lake is street and safe assessment of job of staff of go on a tour of inspection carries out detailed rules ” resolve safe hidden trouble respectively ” how to check ” ” . In the meantime, build urban government ” main body, element, assessment ” 3 stereo change, implementation is multivariate the participation of main body whole field, responsibility reachs the designated position round-the-clockly, area does not have blind angle enclothe. Begin ” main body is stereo change ” construction, the participator that administers the city zone manages medium thing, right in the city, duty the 4 layers class that delimits for main body autonomy layer, community administers layer, street processing layer, public to participate in a layer, differentiate responsibility detailed list and network system, can fluctuate in bright responsibility and synergism kongfu; Build ” element is stereo change ” mechanism, classify of urban government item, the influence rate that manages to the city according to each element and spend easily hard execute manage by different levels. Area of much to the problem hair undertakes the key is superintended, apply plan, adjust measures to local conditions on business, administrative fluctuation kongfu is refined in essence of life; Begin ” assessment is stereo change ” construction, make assessment detailed rules and way of money reward of environmental sanitation work, the organization carries out unit of pair of business door, operation, workstation, execute the law team, the assessment of property company, turning style and catch fulfil fluctuation kongfu. The citizen cares, it is the direction of street effort. South the lake is street socialization of real issue of the people’s livelihood, use ” masses orders dishes, organism is made, the government buys sheet ” means, the thing has done beside support society force cares masses most, do. Boost real issue of the people’s livelihood decision-making socialization, build project of real issue of the people’s livelihood to choose system and job of the people’s livelihood multivariate main body mechanism, build real issue of the people’s livelihood decision-making platform; Advance project of the people’s livelihood to carry out main body socialization, build platform appeal organism to carry on professional service, constituent commonweal organization and individual participate in real issue of the people’s livelihood; Advance real issue of the people’s livelihood to superintend socialization, build multivariate participate in date from of supervisory mechanism, whole journey to control mechanism, comprehensive problem feedback mechanism, rewards and punishment and exit a mechanism, carry out 3 ” endorse ” system, build a society to serve quality ” red black a list of names posted up ” . Cohesive affinity quantity makes enterprise party build a team ” enterprise party is built, a lot of people feel him Party member is little, platform is small, the business that can do is finite, and be in south the lake is street, however a piece of leading Party group knits embattle to pursue, the small red flag that indicative on map of area under administration Dang Jianli measures inserted every block ” , enterprise party built political instructor Li Ying to attend to present the flag as the delegate ceremony, and say. As we have learned, south the lake is street execute working mechanism construction and team construction ” double round drive ” , combinative job planned to breed multivariate order a troop in all. Treat a team to all serve as in all ” good community ” the emissary of construction, in the party the organization guides advantages of next sufficient play politics, politics advantage and masses advantage, coagulate the heart gets together force catchs community processing. On the meeting, south the lake is street put together of fire department of obligation of the member that establish contact of political instructor, good community for company unit party, part-time job, property treats autonomy of inn of door of community of Zuo of team, fishing to negotiate federation, fine south party of community hotel industry group federation multivariate treat a team to present the flag in all, encourage they continue to develop communication bridge action to make service of good basic level. Company unit party builds political instructor to be versed in in street party appoint fall with the leader of community Party committee, play ” feedback of business guidance, information, conduct propaganda guiding, communicate harmonious ” 4 big effect, advance a party to build the job and confluence of deepness of company unit development, party of every company unit builds political instructor, connection, directive organization of 5 above party, build the bridge with a fair party organization and community, street blame. First team already brought into 23 personnel, the job enclothes leading Party group of 107 blame public industry to knit. Community orders a troop in all ” let a hundred flowers blossom, contention of a hundred schools of thought ” street gift good community contact member team ” community observer, public opinion poll member, the member that policy plugger, public opinion guides, member that the activity is organized, communicate the member that coordinate ” ” function of 6 high-ranking officials ” , move back and forth between contact government common people, effective to receiving a dweller demand, solve a dweller real problem, lead a dweller to participate in a service, good community construction is twisted ” a rope ” . “Good community contact member ” already collected masses to investigate questionnaire at present 2500, visit door inn dweller many 8000 second, discover actively and solve a problem many cases 600. Street with " 1(property runs a company) + Party member of N (community, enthusiastic personage) " formal framework organizes a system, make joint defence of fire control safety treat platform in all, pluralistic obligation fire department is made can put out a fire, meeting conduct propaganda, team of jury of arrogate to oneself, assist street community to keep one party restful. Already had 176 teams at present, punish of conduct propaganda of fire control safety, education, go on a tour of inspection, hidden trouble, lash-up is begun to save the job such as aid in area under administration. Come one year, the lake has 6 units south because 21 personnel answer fast rescuing performance is outstanding win award. Not only such, street give priority to body with security personnel team, the member that protect clean, administrator and enthusiastic dweller built integrated processing team for complement, serve as party and government ” good helper ” , of village safety ” the member that ensure ” , of governmental connection masses ” information member ” , the government is civilian those who work ” operator ” , come true ” skill diversification ” . Will one year help settle mediate contradiction dispute many 250, put out first on fire affection 6. Common people says to look for property to have difficulty before, difficulty seeks property now. Street still establish much territory community to order a troop in all, community orders a troop in all ” let a hundred flowers blossom, contention of a hundred schools of thought ” . Autonomy of inn of door of fishing Zuo community negotiates federation to take the lead by community Party committee, weave group of 171 doors store ” company ” , around drive change, couplet of complementary, linkage builds characteristic, build environment of good run business, the businessman that businessman of area under administration makes masses satisfaction. Fine south party of community hotel industry group federation brings into hotel of 7 stars class, around the organization couplet is built, couplet of clerical couplet business, resource is used, let hotel industry strength blend in community construction. The focus is with happiness how-to shine good exam paper is in south the lake is street and integrated in promoting masses satisfaction to spend the strategy to plan to act, made leading Party group knit construction good, communal sanitation security of society is good, good, civilian benefit civilian good, humanitarian atmosphere is good, public those who had served ” 6 good ” good community builds a standard. A year many since, does people obtain reality of feeling, happy feeling, safe sense to be in? South the lake is street with ” 3 dimension are spent ” the small reform that explanation comes to one year changes greatly. A group of data, shine ” good exam paper ” ply. On the construction of basic level party, south the lake is street search and invite 108 Party members ” regression ” organization; Area under administration is regular participate in basic level to be built in all treat the Party member volunteer that share to arrive from 496 original development in all nowadays near 800; Party organization raised 179 from 137. Administer integratedly in the society on, public security alarm affection drops compared to the same period 60% . On safe production, smoke of installation independence type feels implement 2475, simple and easy gush drenchs establishment 1515, in 1099 dormitory gush of installation smoke feeling drenchs, add site of miniature fire control 15 place. On urban government, upgrade in the round transform 129 rubbish to collect mart of trade of 6 dot, market and 38 public toilets. On service of the people’s livelihood, fulfil Luo Hu area appoint district government invests capital 26.62 million yuan build at going up 87 at the beginning of 80 time old old villages had the century the system is transformed; Launch real issue of the people’s livelihood 14 kinds big in all 481 projects, throw 26.89 million yuan, develop an activity 195, be benefited the crowd amounts to 70 thousand much person. A report, shine ” good exam paper ” deepness. High bank note is elected to love for Shenzhen city netizen 10 big ” happy and street ” ; Obtain 2018 south a list of names posted up of neighbor public praise 30 strong; New establish leading Party group to knit amount whole area the first; Communal and civilized index evaluates whole area the first; Assessment of performance of system of government affairs service captures whole area the first; The appearance of a city and environmental sanitation check whole area integratedly the first, evaluation of environmental sanitation index is successive 5 months whole area the first, whole town the 3rd; Rubbish classification checks whole area the first; Safe production ” one hillock double duty ” check whole area the first; Founded poison of provincial community give up (rehabilitation) working demonstrative place; Made ” community of Guangdong province green ” and ” Guangdong saves appropriate of 5 stars class to reside community ” . A kind of narrate, shine ” good exam paper ” temperature. “In me the circumstance of have no way out falls, be south the lake is street still peaceful community extended aid, introduce me to organization of area the Women’s Federation ‘ women surveys a group ‘ the job, return those who solved the child to go to school difficult problem, special acknowledgment is street let our Mu Zidu pass crisis ” , liu Zhong of peaceful community dweller can say so. “Our village is old so old without property village, infrastructure is poor, wholesome public security relies on him to manage, the lake austral later is street helped us ask property company, the wall outside helping us transform through year after year of issue of small fact of the people’s livelihood again and dweller are recreational area, declared building top to prevent leakage for us again this year reparative hear also approve came down, it is better to look at a village to change more we are particularly glad ” , yan Yaxiang of owner of village of residence of Guangxi foreign trade says so. “Street understanding reachs the lake south my circumstance, applied for to weigh incomplete allowance to my son, found the job to my daughter-in-law again, side we walked out of predicament, the atmosphere of our home became good, in community drove me to join old people consortium again, I and my son join volunteer rank, the technology that I made Shenzhen city build center of activity of dream care old age again last year justice labour, I became activist of join or be admitted to the party again this year in March, I still am good community contact now member, I hope to more opportunities go serving society of others, redound ” , new south community dweller says so on behalf of Wang Xiaogong.


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