Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To rear children the consciousness of resource conservation, environmental protection, advocate the lifestyle of green of c罗湖新悦水会修车arry out travel, on July 31 morning, party of community of article bright and beautiful group the service center is held ” small classroom of environmental protection of classification of rubbish of Wen Jin community ” , nearly 20 children participate in study of this experience type. Above all, company project is passed oral explain the effect that lets the purpose that rubbish classifies children, rubbish did not classify pair of mankinds, rubbish how to be classified. Next, through the company labour and 面部spa水疗是什么深圳个人居家兼职按摩spachild interl太原高端spa水疗ocution interact let a child review rubbish c按摩足浴spa包含什么l深圳按摩招聘assifies knowledge. Just enter true practice深圳楼凤 桑拿 segment then. Children number off cent becomes quadruplet ” family ” , “Family ” members discuss those who take ” rubbish ” how should classify, will divided again kind rubbish ” cent is installed ” in the ash-bin to correspondence. Wait all ” family ” after finishing, a when company project invites every groups in the spot again small delegate will become ” superintend and director guides personnel ” , check quadruplet ” family ” rubbish classification is proper, “Superintend and director guides personnel ” people also can c南京水疗多少钱ommunicate study seriously, make深圳水会推荐水疗设备水疗泵 sure the examination is not had by accident. Interactive stimulative rubbish classifies intellectual aggrandizement between the form that interacts with inter block, group. After the activity, the child expresses, in interesting rubbish classification game I learned to communicate study each other, let us more apace undertakes rubbish is classified, in a few do not understand the rubbish that how classifies is asking ask, do eventually understood. In the home I can follow father mother division of labor, rubbish classification is done weller according to classified standard.
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