Dispatch of network of collect lake home: By Shenzhen city bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of 附近沐足招聘Luo Hu area is sponsorred, shenzhen theater undertakes ” opera early tea ” series opera lecture深圳水会体验报告 will be in Shenzhen on August 3 theater 2 office are of深圳的水疗都是要小费的吗ficial begin lecturing. The activity will be begun centrally August ” go to the opera — let the life become more fashionable ” ” storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments of immortal hall · ” ” Beijing opera actually very simple ” ” Beijing opera actually very amused ” 4 artistic activities that admire analyse. On August 3, 4 days will invite courtyard of Dalian Beijing opera old boy of more than clique, country one stage actor, China is Thespian ” wintersweet award ” winner Ling Ke holds the 深圳水立方健康水疗酒店position of give a lecture, tell two days repeatedly, let theater fun friend pass sufficient strong interest. The spot besides explaining vivid and interesting opera knowledge, still will d罗湖明珠水会baby照片isplay sing ” Hong Yang hole ” ” Wu Zi petties official ” ” bead shade stockaded village ” ” 4 Lang Tan’s mothers ” wait for highlights from operas of classical Beijing opera. In August 10 to 11 days, courtyard of Beijing opera of Beijing of mobile specially invite one numerous name horn stands ” opera early tea深圳酒店 去哪儿 ” dais, by the country one stage actor, China is Thespian ” wintersweet award ” gainer Jiang Yishan holds the position of person of give a lecture. Country famous深圳龙华大宋酒店 jinghu performs courtyard of Beijing opera of one class music master, Beijing family history is greeted army, fierce of youth of courtyard of Beijing Beijing opera gives birth to Li Gen, the youth dawn水疗会所营销方案s horny Wang Yongzhi also will appear, impart knowledge of introduction of Beijing opera foundation, in the meantime深圳yh水疗会所服务, still will display call Beijing opera name piece ” big Tang Guifei ” thematic song ” 深圳扫黄2018会所名称pear Hua Song ” . It is reported, “Opera early tea ” all activities are opened freely to the citizen, the be appreciative in the ticket making work toward Shenzhen theater before takes entrance ticket to be able to attend.


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