Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 30, whole town law only Wu job site can be in edifice of Luo Hu management center to hold. Director of bureau of town administration of justice Jiang Xiaowen of Jia深圳异性spa 上门按摩ng Xi forest, deputy director general, wen Zhong of deputy warden of collect lake area, director of bureau of judicatory of each district of Yuan Zhongyi of section chief of city counsel room and whole town attended the meeting. The conference around structural reorganization hind, the construction of mechanism of legal job system that situation of each area judicatory faces, law only the problem such as Wu team construction, consider and discuss what began development. Bureau of judicatory of collect lake area is in draw lessons from law of bureau of town administration of justice only on the foundation of Wu system, according to this area law of real innovation, promotion only the h星巴克兼职一小时38元igh opinion that the practice of Wu management obtains bureau of town administration of justice. On the meeting, chen Xiaolin of director of bureau of judicatory of collect lake area from 3 respects, to each area communication reported legislation only Wu ” Luo Hu experience ” . Deepness shares area center work, law government construction obtains apparent effect. Analysis of development of bureau of judicatory of collect lake area, essence masters Luo Hu to revitalize the outstanding problem that in developing a process, faces definitely, in order to carry a mission, consider the overall situation, job concept that stresses innovation, exert oneself has been caught ” 3 about-face ” , namely: From ” passive law is examined ” change direction ” share plan actively ” , from ” result into must have me ” change direction ” result into need not be 深圳哪里有便宜的KBin I ” , from ” defend a bottom line not to have an accident ” change direction ” do not touch red line to do accomplish sth ” , it is through be being made actively, build Zhang Li t吴川维纳斯酒店按摩o make, reform innovates, in law government construction respect obtained series result. If was established ” second l深圳美淑凝会所地址ine is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another the ground深圳沐足哪里好 ” the legal basis that canopy alters a project, drive the sodden poop dec足疗按摩的好处和作用k with worry collect old lake dish the difficult problem such as problem of land of bequeath of vivid, history obtains decisive breakthrough. In the meantime, drive build system of demonstrative text of contract of key job domain and contract of whole area government to superintend a mechanism, prevent effectively control governmental legislation venture, reduce governmental contract dispute, put an end to a contract to sign fulfill all sorts of random elephants. 2017 to 2018, collect lake area rules by law two years in whole town continuously the government builds the rank in examining each area the first. Pay turning point of good structural reorganization, optimize orgnaization setting and function division of labor. In the area appoint of district government support energetically below, new bureau of established judicatory of collect lake area each business gets lost chemical reaction quickly by physical conformity, there is duty to divide the work to have again already between section office cooperate closely, carried on smoothly each work that legal system of bureau of former division judicatory, former division does. Create section office of 3 legal system technically among them, for whole area law construction matchs full professional power. Strengthen law team construction, exploration establishs law only Wu management system. The aspect is built in law team, come for years, collect lake area goes in whole town front row all the time. 2007, collect lake area is banner whole town each district, take the lead in pursueing full-time counsel system (now already more the name is ” law only Wu ” ) , come 12 years the team expands gradually, already fashioned a relatively mature legislation now only Wu team, among them 70% above are record of formal schooling of full-time Master graduate student, all law only Wu all obtains letter of legal profession qualification. Distinguish at outside the counsel th深圳光明半套休闲会所at hire, law only Wu is recruited directly by area judicatory bureau, full-time be engaged in governmental legislation general affa深圳酒店夜间服务联系电话irs, true implementation is professional with stability height confluence, for the area appoint district government each great and decision-making offer essence of life to allow law safeguard. Chen Xiaolin introduces, next, bureau of judicatory of Luo Hu area will drive whole area law to serve diversity to specialization, fulfill function actively to offer strong law to prop up in the round lawfully to promote大肠水疗费用 Party and goverment officials.


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