Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The food festival on the world one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, often surround the extraordinary of traditional cate Cultural Festival of community only; The cate 深圳龙岗水会absolutely on the w上梅林按摩会所orld 1000, the traditional cate that often surrounds community only is the most distinctive. Garden of laurel of collect lake area is street often surround community food festival advocate those who hit is the traditional food that Cai Wu surrounds the villager — soon young of the tea fruit of be lost, Pure Brightness and hand pink. The villager that Cai Wu surrounds used 3 days of 3 night, be made accor深圳富莱花园酒店技师ding to handiwork of ancestral secret recipe and become. Make a few material of these food, it is the villager pluck from countryside and come, the course immerses, clean, clipping, deserve to go up the tea fruit of bare orange olivine, make these traditional cate more vivid color is strange sweet. These traditional food return the hand with the elegant consummate that be made to believe, the security that gives what be stabiliz清水湾桑拿spa会馆怎么样ed to often surround the harmony of community and dedicate silently on the spot in food festival, maintenance, Bao Jie and property administrator. They had accepted the gift of this heavy in the hand that from Gui Yuan street leader and National People’s Congress represent, express to be able to be mixed in community by such esteem in succession approbate very happy also touch very much, happen to coincide the consideration of ground acknowledgment party 黄金海岸水疗会所怎么样and government and care. On July 30 food festival that day, 9 villagers wear the bright-coloured dress that surround house, take hat of catch a cold, carrying a large bamboo or wicker basket, carrying tray, take these provision the spot. They are discharging orderly team, in file and into, resemble fairy descend to the world, cause the applause with enthusiastic full-court and hurrah immediately. Cai Wu is surrounded is a natur桑拿qm代表什么al village with the oldest Shenzhen, the villager migrates from week day period and come, air plant is surrounded in Cai Wu, made the Shenzhen dream of a lot of people. Cai Wu surrounds a person all the time follow is worn solidarity helps each other, jing Laozun virtuous traditional goodness. In the spring tide of Shenzhen reforming and opening, cai Wu surrounds a village a new force suddenly rises, change by the village in the city the financial center as Shenzhen, it is the epitome that collect lake division develops at full speed. Cai Wu is surrounded withheld traditional goodness not only, also preserve a lot of traditional cate culture. For instance solstitial the tea fruit that uses consecrate ancestor, the decoct that marries daughter-in-law to make piles, the Pure Brightness youn深圳华侨城洲际酒店招聘g animal that tomb-sweeping day designs. These went up only the talent of certain age can be done, the youth eats to eat rarely repeatedly. Often surround community Party committee to come out to show these traditional provision, and follow goes down, the organization was engineered ” inheritance characteristic food, wine make dweller深圳 樱花水会 你懂的 joy ” often surround community culture food festival. This is to often surround community the project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood 2019, by area深圳喜悦水疗会 of Shenzhen city collect lake company of be good at scene is versed in the service center is carried out. Gui Yuan is street the party is versed in appoint the leader such as Lin Hua of vice director of clerical Feng Jian, agency also comes the spot and civilian with happy, sample the traditional cate that Cai Wu surrounds a village. Those who enter food festival activity still have the representing of National People’s Congress that often surround community, du Dai watch is after the activity ends often surround assist of community cate node to say: This ability is literate the thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of connotation. Activity that day, a lot of dweller bring along with the young and the old will to the spot sample, in them, it is the villager that Cai Wu surrounds for the most part, grey-haired king mother-in-l明珠水会技师照片aw bit young of a Pure Brightness, laughing to say, “Had not eaten for ages. Or in one’s childhood flavour ” . Young villager plum the girl sees someone fruit of the spot tea that make and Pure Brightness young, also itch to try, start work made fruit of a tea. Her hand holds tea fruit in the palm to be patted oneself, young face, the food that makes this old also had new idea. After the activity ends, often surround community Party committee and senile association to still send community serious defect, advanced age and difficult family these food, in asking them to be in the home, sample the traditional cate that community dweller makes, experience the joy that why traditional cate brings.


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