Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To build beautiful community, city of the civili柳州桑拿powerqmzation that help strength is founded. On July 26 afternoon, in Gui Mu the support of garden community Party committee falls, community of laurel wood garden is begun ” 深圳最顶级的酒店commonweal a hour, gui Mu is acting field ” thematic activity, provide service of a hour of commonweal for community dweller. In the activity, volunteer of community Party member, workstation and reseau center staff member ” arms cent road ” , one group publicizes safe knowledge for community dweller, beside trunk road, distribute propagandist manual to reach to transient community dweller undertake explaining, be like: The fire control safety, transportation safety, safety that use phone, instead bilk, sweep black except evil etc, reinforce safe consciousness of the dweller and legal concept; Environment of community of a group of promotion is wholesome, to line of community 2018义乌足浴店都关门深圳巴陵会馆了main force and alleyway lane, undertake rubbish Qing Dynasty is collected, 3 wicket inn ” before the door 3 packets ” environmental sanitation supervises and urge, ” pile up in disorder ” processi广州海珠东晓桑拿QTng, through the effort of a many hour, mix before door of inn of community road surface, greenbelt, 3 wicket alleyway lane is clean and neat a lot of, built a favorable wholesome envir成都半套服务的地方onment to community dweller, dweller environment consciousness als深圳哪里有站街宝安o had farther promotion; The member that one group visits condolatory community to strand difficult reachs old Party member, bring the consideration that comes from community Party committee东莞常平沐足招聘 and warmth for them. Group of volunteer of community of laur深圳男子SPAel wood garden is right ” 3 small ” the place undertakes visitting discharging深圳哪有洗桑拿 checking. Zhang Jun is photographed


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