Dispatch of network of collect lake home: 70 innovation project is the same as stage athletics the 3rd Luo Hu double achieve a contest to open contest ” Internet + although had been carried countless times, but what is it after all, what can you do? ” ” I believe new energy resources, new material is a place with a draught of innovation of next science and technology ” … on July 30, burgeoning industry belt recommends large phoenix tree of collect lake area meeting and the 3rd Luo Hu double achieve the contest at the beginning of the contest to could there be in beautiful graceful square open, 70 projects spread out spot contend, contend for the ticket of semifinal of promotion Shenzhen city and countrywide match. According to bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area relevant controller introduces, what this second match drew countrywide each district in all is outstanding the person that do poineering work is brought in all 100 many projects take part in the match, involve the many trades such as information of Internet, electron, new material. Among them, 70 projects enter spot road to perform link, take part in the match the delegate undertook explaining to respective project, pattern of advantage of the technical level to be aimed at a project, competition, trade mixes industry expert commissioner each respect such as feasibility and player undertook communicate and commu深圳半套地方huisuonicating. The final superior project of this match mixes promotion city semifinal countrywide contest. On the meeting, chief still 深圳足浴introduced the detailed case that burgeoning industry takes large phoenix tree related bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area, reveal Luo Hu since burgeoning industry belt advances large phoenix tree, extend in program layout, space, the result that place of capital attraction field obtains. Industrial area is space of innovation of program of will old thinking, large strength introduces innovation talent, large area to develop innovation carrier and business, build further ” millions of people of masses innovation · does poineering work ” good atmosphere, for Luo Hu area transition develops the vitality with new infuse. Among them, the equipment in regarding health of collect lake life as industrial position gets the project of attention, “Project of center of headquarters of bright big health ” and garden city updates cloth heart the newest progress of the project and industrial program also were announced a few days ago. As we have learned, fixed position of center of old healthy headquarters is bright ” a 3 centers, platform ” , and the high-end talent of center of spending of service of health of medical treatment of center of center of headquarters of company of health of life of big bay area, hatch of internationalization innovation poineering resource, world-class and global life science collects platform. As we have learned, this match had begun 3 year continuously, it is to implement spirit of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area, carry out innovation drive to develop important step of the strategy energetically. Carry the game hold, promote bring Zhi Yincai, let lakes of more Luo Hu of be born of outstanding poineering project, take root collect, form industrial assemble effect, accelerate the construction that burgeoning industry brings collect lake large phoenix tree. Chamber of commerce of hillock of collect lake 防城港深航酒店桑拿bamboo shoot establishs 142 members unit to join on July 26, hillock of bamb59136 我就要桑拿 深圳楼凤oo shoot of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district is street congress of member of first time of chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock and establish congress to hold, share 142 members unit to join. Congress is discussed passed ” hillock of bamboo shoot of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district is street constitution of chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock ” ” hillock of bamboo shoot of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district is street method of voting of general meeting of first time of chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock ” etc. Carry balance vote, shenzhen city bay Chen Xiang of limited company of square of car of Kang Da name amounts to president to be elected for chairman of board of chamber of commerce of hillock of the first bamboo shoot. On the meeting, collect lake area appoint Tang Hanlong of minister of ministry of battle of members of standing committee, all represents a district appoint district government and area b深圳有哪些洗浴可以口usiness association are right of chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock hold water and new the chamber of commerce that be elected leads a member to express congratulation. He points out, ” Shenzhen city town is updated ” 935 ” program (2016-2020) ” bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece division into districts develops area 16 times mainly into Shenzhen, it is one of areas that whole area under administration has development latent capacity most. Of chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock hold water, will be the industry public figure that is in city of bamboo shoot hillock and even collect lake area, Shenzhen to enlarge connection to provide platform with the outside, have very important sense to strengthening bamboo shoot hillock and communication of outside economy culture. He expresses, member of 楼凤按摩leader of hope chamber of commerce coagulates the heart gets together force, make joint-stock source, model serve new brand external, bridge and bond effect have between enterprise and market, enterprise and government, turn helper of aide of the home of the member, government, economy into chamber of commerce of bamboo shoot hillock, make become information each other to connect, experience each other is enjoyed, the industry helps each other, the platf福田喜悦水会微信orm that the enterprise innovates. Bamboo shoot hillock澳门高端桑拿服务流程 is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Quan Hongliang points out, bamboo shoot hillock will from ” China the first storehouse ” luxuriant face about is ” the CBD that Shenzhen future is worth to expect most ” , make for international top-ranking vogue consumes center and originality headquarters base. Entrepreneur of acknowledgment area under administration people urging area under administration while socioeconomy develops, still devote oneself to beneficent love activity, take an active part in side of deliverance of group of difficulty of area under administration 12 years to help up continuously, 深圳龙华洗浴special group care works, abandon assistant Yo career, increase the side that help deficient up to strand strength, drove bamboo shoot hillock butterfly change and update, progress of 深圳富临桑拿收費多小society of economy of area under administration of hillock letting bamboo shoot has deepness, temperature, the milk of human kindness.


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