Dispatch of network of离大梅沙最近的酒店 collect lake 龙华水疗home: In 81 found an army during the part comes, on July 31 morning, com深圳spa水疗munity of street lake scene began bamboo shoot hillock ” listen to veteran taletelling, inheritance patriotism spirit ” thematic activity, party of lake scene community group the service center invited this community to attend a war veteran Mai Cheng, for community adolescent people tell about its to be in the hard experience of warlike a gleam of and gall推拿按摩书ant achievement. Community adolescent is worn confuse colour to take listen to veteran taletelling. The street Mai Cheng that offer a plan is born in 1931, entered file of edge of Hunan of another name for Jiangxi Province of another name for Guangdong Province on May 13, 1949 east r深圳文锦水会按摩iver the first de平湖80足浴tachment team of the 3rd round Jin Hu. In mobile spot, the gallant achievement in the charge forward on battl上海 qm 兼职efield mixes the comrade-in-armses that wheat told about he and him into become enamoured ground the indomitable spirit of face death unflinchingly, admonish the happy life that children must value revolutionary martyr to be changed with blood and life well, remember the history well, do not forget those to desregard own safety for national interest, precipitant person of ideals and integrity benevolence person. The everybody of the深圳沙井盛亚斯全套 spot listens with pleasure, arise spontaneously to veteran respect and admire. The relevant controller of community of the scene that occupy a lake introduces, hold children to listen to activity of veteran taletelling theme, aim to teach broad adolescent to remember the history well, do not forget东莞中堂泰豪水疗 in those days the heroes that those bathed in blood fight bravely. Through spreading the story of veteran and patriotic dedication, let more people, especially youth engrave history, cherish peace, carry on the good convention of the Chinese nation, to achieve the Chinese nation great revived Chinese dream and make arduous effort广州桑拿QT体验s.


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