Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Autonomous county of Long Lin every nationality of 100 kinds of city and Xi Lin county are located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region out-of-the-way and a mount深圳松岗足浴按摩哪里好ainous area, it is county of poverty of two states level. Come nearly 3 years, through Shenzhen city and Luo Hu the area defends the side of speak or sing alternately of sex of innovation of be good at system to help up, “Raise of good name of Doctor Luo Hu ” pass in place for a much-told story, got the warm reception of local cadre masses and consistent drop assist. Be famous in the whole nation ” Luo Hu cure changes ” , also blossom and bear fruit in the depth of the big hill besides this 1000 kilometers, formed with all possible means the practice achievement of win-win. Public hospital group and side of hospital of people of collect lake division help Xi Lin county synergic unit exposes card ceremony spot. Experts of the medical treatment that be stationed in a dot are on street to answer for local masses doubt dispels doubts. Aid of collect lake area builds Xi Lin county system of long-range diagnosis and treatment and donate medical treatment equipment relevant ceremony is held in Xi Lin county. The experts that be stationed in a dot use breathing space, with two counties worker a go to the countryside walks along a village to string together stockaded village. Be in Shenzhen, after group of orthopaedics of Du Shixin of group of collect lake hospital lets suffer from rigidity sex rachitis cannot look up more than 10 years gentleman of poverty door king holds out the Xi Lin county that sees a day afresh a chest. Healthy without the whole people, do not have comprehensive well-off. “Battle of the healthy assault fortified positions that take off deficient ” it is to begin thing ministry to help the Chongzhongzhi of deficient cooperation up to weigh. According to relevant arrangement of province, city, bureau of Wei Jian of collect lake area begins speak or sing alternately to help He Xilin of autonomous county of Fu Longlin every nationality from 2017 county. Send deficient due to illness to eliminate, return deficient due to illness, the health of two counties helps the Long Lin that help strength and Xi Lin up deficient works, since collect lake area defends be good at bureau to be helped up from side of speak or sing alternately, sufficient union place is needed actually, receive local medical personnel to arrive collect lake attend in a advanced studies, make the characteristic specialized subject that fits requirement of local go to a doctor, sta深圳按摩小费rt love enterprise to donate medical treatment equipment and goods and materials, select cure changes an expert to go to two counties to coach cure changes, integrated resource gives aid to establish prefectural rural area close together model cure couplet body… the job solid on the bottom of one’s heart that accomplished local common people, let a patient get material benefit, also harvested the good public praise of masses. “Should take mission, belt to wear responsibility, belt is worn feeling, put impoverished area, poor masses on the heart. Luo Hu’s side helps the job up to must reflect quality of Shenzhen standard, Shenzhen, make thing ministry help deficient cooperation up hard ‘ Luo Hu brand ‘ . ” come 3 years, collect lake area appoint district government height takes speak or sing alternately seriously to help deficient work, area appoint Luo Yode of clerical He Haitao, warden is for many times not only on concerned conference raise a requirement, still go to two counties to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot in person, visit accredited medical treatment team member, cure of testimony collect lake changes the dramatic exploration that is in place. Hand of Qi Xie of special zone old quarter, with trickling sluggishly love and joint efforts, hit together win this ” battle of the healthy assault fortified positions that take off deficient ” . Catch a thought to fall responsibility true side helps select up tall year endowment side supports a group ” deep ploughing ” two counties help autonomous county of Fu Longlin every nationality to speak or sing alternately sanitation of medical treatment of Ji Xilin county works, collect lake area defends height of Party committee of be good at bureau to take seriously, hold special subject conference to study deploy for many times, build end and subordinate unit ” a party to an unde广州海珠区哪里有站街兼职女rtaking is in charge of total, leader of be assigned personal responsibility for is caught directly, responsibility section office and contact member specific and responsible fulfil ” system of job responsibility of layer upon layer management. Zhengliguang of secretary of Party committee of Ou Weijian bureau, director participates in what the side supports a plan to make personally, examine and verify accredits team member list, requirement system each unit must have political height and responsibility to take on, it is good political quality to want, year endowment can tall, independent begin the job and the personnel select that answer complex illness to go out. Be worth what carry is, ou Weijian bureau is special requi唐人水会现在没全套了rement, medical treatment team member is garrisoned when two counties, team member is in section office director to must follow an on-the-spot survey, help team member feels pulse a side to support way, assistance accredits team member to be made inside a month piece accredit the side inside cycle to support a plan, provide puissant technical support for team member. This one system lets every approve team member the warmth of times feeling collective, sufficient feeling is had unit of whole section office, place and Party committee of Ou Weijian bureau this strong supporter is done prop up, effectively promoted a side to help result. The leading group returns the bureau such as Zheng Liguang for many times to take a team to arrive two counties are on-the-spot survey, organize an expert to begin operation, belt teaching and special subject to give lessons centrally for many times. As we have learned, come nearly 3 years, group of expert of the member that collect lake area defends be good at system to expedite 4 batches of medical team that be stationed in a dot early or late, 11 batch adds up to 29 people arrive two counties, accumulative total is begun reach show teach an operation to add up to 369, examine of justice of go to the countryside 97, justice examine 9626 person-time, hit in the depth of big hill deep ” Luo Hu brand ” . System of talent goods and materials ” use both hard and soft tactics ” from ” blood transfusion ” the side is helped up ” hematopoiesis ” the side is helped up ” we are harvested in Luo Hu very big, widened eye shot, acquired a lot of, the hope can bring back the medical experience that accumulates here Guangxi, for us local patient makes contribution. ” the Cen Mei that says this word and He Guozhen come from courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of Xi Lin county, it is since this year April in Luo Hu attend in a advanced studies of section of hospital acupuncture rehabilitation. They are healthy side helps Luo Hu up only ” come in please ” staff reduction. In the side area of the Luo Hu in helping up defends be good at bureau to discover, shortage of medical treatment talent is the bottleneck problem that restricts progress of facilities of sanitation of local medical treatment. Ou Weijian bureau adopts those who have specific aim to become organizational system talented person ” send come ” , into batch talent ” come in please ” , develop native land person with ability actively for two counties, finish from ” blood transfusion ” to ” hematopoiesis ” change. It is report情趣用品便宜ed, expert of medical treatment of Shenzhen of collect lake organization goes to place to send religion come in all 75 p汉中天壶足浴水疗erson-time of 13 batch. Came in March 2018 only, the medical team that be stationed in a dot attends local danger to weigh rescue of case of illness more than times 60, begin reach show teach an operation to add up to make the rounds of the wards of 150 stage, education more than 500, the lecture grooms 150 more than showing number, for two counties medical establishment adds appropriate skill newly more than 40, make course construction and routine system more than 50, offer opinion of medical treatment management and proposal more than times 60. In addition, luo Hu is fixed backbone of system of two counties medical treatment ” come in please ” attend in a advanced studies, receive backbone of two counties medical treatment to come to Shenzhen groom 194 person-time. Only since 2019, collect lake area defends plan 深圳福田世外桃源水疗department altogether plan recieves two counties to come 4 batch go to medical personnel of deep attend in a advanced studies before 10 people group of Luo Hu hospital and disease of Luo Hu area accuse central study. Divide this beyond, luo Hu values level of promotion place hardware, combine accumulative total of social all circles to present value of goods and materials of medical treatment equipment to two counties in all 2.349 million yuan, additionally goods and materials of 1.05 million yuan of equipment is in in collect, if B exceeds, analyzer of lens of vagina of appearance of fetal heart custody, department of gynaecology, courage and uprightness is waited a moment, promoted plant layout of local medical treatment the standard greatly. Group of collect lake hospital accredits an expert to return a help to coach two counties hospital refines flow of duty of regulations of perfect medical treatment, personnel, business and standard of diagnosis and treatment, build perfect each regulations system, promote prefectural form public hospital strides science to change administrative course. The experts that be stationed in a dot still use breathing space, with two counties worker a go to the countryside walks along a village to string together stockaded village, go to poverty door home to be pleasant to the eye the old person that hopes to fall ill, undertake check-up for the patient, publicize the healthy policy that help deficient up, won the recognition of numerous people. Doctor Luo Hu good each spread, sky of good story day performs Luo Hu. Cure of hurried of strong base powerful technology changes next multibarrel is neat aiming at ” pain spot ” implementation ” essence of life helps deficient up definitely ” ” award a person to be inferior to giving a person with the fish with fishing. Before the side with commonner each district helps means up to expedite an expert to develop diagnosis and treatment to place namely, the operation rises simpler also. But in light of the practice from us, every time our expert goes the patient is very much, the expert goes the patient did not go. So, must have sth in mind is long-term, help local medical establishment from germ cogent enhance actual strength. ” Zhu Ligui of the member that collect lake area defends survey of be good at bureau expresses, local actual condition also is in the healthy basis helping deficient up of collect lake area to change train of thought stage by stage, either ” solution is temporarily thirsty ” , hope for however aim at ” pain spot ” , from the talent body of couplet of construction of standard of education, system, specialized subject, cure is explored wait respect multibarrel a moment to fall together, think local place thinks, the place of violent common people is urgent, cogent accomplish ” essence of life helps deficient up definitely ” . Disease of neck of if combinative place stone is ill much hair, palace and level of neurological disease make a diagnosis and give treatment are not advanced circumstance, group of collect lake hospital parted to hold water with hospital of people of county of hospital of people of autonomous county of Long Lin every nationality, Xi Lin ” specialized subject of surgery of secrete make water is allied ” , advocate surgery of secrete make water, department of gynaecology and obstetrics and nerve internal medicine in all with hospital of people of Xi Lin county specialized subject of 3 keys characteristic, help place hospital from before section office is built 武汉卓悦水会桑拿扫黄” big and complete ” to ” only and essence of life ” change, do make construction of strong specialized subject greatly, make side of specialized subject characteristic help up, have great society influence and sense. In recent years, “Collect lake cure changes ” renown raise whole nation. Ou Weijian bureau is mixed in sufficient survey of government of local Party committee support energetically below, introduce collect l深圳时光水会微信ake cure to change pattern of strong basic level, undertook carrying out exploration in place. Ou Weijian bureau chose Xi Lin county hospital of that service cool with cold water or ice serves as pilot, support with all one’s strength from respect of person, money, content, make this courtyard southwest hard piece hospital of villages and towns of area demonstrative sex, appoint Luo Hu organized body health specific business side helps management center speak or sing alternately up. This year on June 27, side of hospital of people of collect lake division helps synergic unit and Xi Lin county public hospital group greets the ceremony that uncover a shop sign, the mark is worn with ” make common people little fall ill little responsibility of little be in hospital ” for the Luo Hu of the target cure changes to be carried out in Xi Lin gain revolutionary headway, the communal sanitation that helps two counties orgnaization conformity has section office power, promotion manages and serve a level, real benefit at two counties inmate. The side helps effect window up 1 ” Luo Hu cure changes ” come public hospital group uncovers Xi Lin county in big hill the card holds water ” Xi Lin county makes an appointment with 150 thousand population, share hospital of 3 counties class, include hospital of prefectural people hospital, prefectural traditional Chinese medical science and prefectural Fu to protect a courtyard. But, every hospital is alone resource of more fragile, medical treatment compares the force of section office dispersive. ” Introduction Zhu Ligui. Face Xi Lin county this one current situation, ou Weijian bureau put forward Luo Hu ” amalgamative similar terms, poor dissimilation competes ” development route. On June 27, public hospital group and side of hospital of people of collect lake division help Xi Lin county synergic unit uncovers card ceremony to be held in hospital of this county people, those who indicate public hospital reforms a Xi Lin county and collect lake cure changes ” Xi Lin is carried out ” greet milepost type to make progress. Government office of civil administration of person of Xi Lin county still invites Fu of assistant dean of group of collect lake hospital, area to protect courtyard dean Xie Zhenhua to be Xi Lin group of prefectural public hospital is presiding and advisory, vice director of division of rehabilitation of acupuncture of the hospital in retaining collect lake division Dr. Wang Ning holds the position of Xi Lin county public hospital group is standing assistant dean, invite the collect lake expert that has experience to hold the post of that fatigue to press down hospital business assistant dean at the same time, side of speak or sing alternately of implementation medical treatment helps working normalization up. As we have learned, new the Xi Lin county that hold water is public hospital group, will urge prefectural class hospital and country (town) the hospital holds round development in the arms, break the situation that causes devoted inadequacy for battle severally, sanitation of medical treatment of grass-roots unit of farther promotion place serves ability. “The course construction that we want a top-ranking medical treatment technology, distinguishing feature and advanced administrative experience belt enter Xi Lin, draw lessons from the successful experience that collect lake cure changes, deepen system of sanitation of Xi Lin medical treatment to reform, realize Rangxilin hard common people ‘ ailment does not give village, a serious illness not to give a county ‘ cure changes an end. ” Zhengliguang expresses, next, luo Hu general and Xi Lin county share a special zone to reform achievement, advance medical treatment side to help up in the round. The side helps effect window up 2 adjust measures to local conditions build 汉中康乐足浴domain of key of characteristic specialized subject to come true ” essence of life allows a side to help up ” ” we discover in survey, long Lin, Xi Lin is located in a mountainous area, have incidence of a disease of 3 kinds of diseases taller. Because hardness of local water quality is bigger,be, urology stone patient is more; 2 it is hypertension of local old people, hemiplegy, apoplectic wait for neurological problem serious, need undertakes dissolve bolt is handled immediately; 3 it is a country after unlocking 2 embryoes policy, birth demand of place is bigger also. These raised dear requirement to level of medical treatment technology, and whole of base of technology of its medical treatment is at present fragile, the patient goes to 100 kinds of city wanting to cost from Long Lin and Xi Lin 3 to 4 hours, see a doctor not only cost is big, first-rate of easy still bungle treats an opportunity. ” collect lake area defends be good at bureau to help deficient up to do director Jiang Bo to say. Join these real cases, collect lake area defends be good at bureau to develop whole area adequately the key course advantage of unit of sanitation of each medical treatment, with Long Lin, Xi Lin two counties are built in all be badly in need of a specialized subject, build internal medicine of surgery of secrete make water, department of gynaecology and obstetrics, nerve successfully already at present 3 keys specialized subject, execute ” substitution does not change major ” method, with the specialized subject construction drives a hospital to serve the comprehensive promotion of ability and level, the domain is badly in need of enhancing sanitation of prefectural region medical treatment to serve ability in the key, accomplish but durative side is helped up. Xi Lin county realized bolt of the first dissolve from this, danger of the first puerpera weighs rescue of case of illness, operation of prostate of the first senile patient is treated. Luo Hu still is used ” 3 projects ” resource, ” walk along county of Chinese front row (gland) — disease of make water of secrete of diagnosis and treatment, care old age is healthy ” commonweal action place is chosen in two counties, 10 people of expert of surgery of make water of secrete of constituent Shenzhen, Shanghai begin justice examine, operation and belt to teach an activity to two counties. Hang out his shingle at the same time hold water ” group of Luo Hu hospital – Xi Lin county (autonomous county of Long Lin every nationality) specialized subject of surgery of make water of people hospital secrete is allied ” . Local common people can be at the door the home the diagnosis and treatment that enjoys countrywide top expert freely serves, also support the level of diagnosis and treatment that raised surgery of make water of two counties secrete through technical side at the same time. The side helps effect window up 3 debut to be diagnosed remotely stay with system of cloud medical treatment ” belt the medical treatment group that does not take ” because accredit a doctor every batches to be stationed in in two counties,choose time finite, for dweller of farther convenient place and patient, group of collect lake hospital relies on own research and development ” Luo Huyun medical treatment ” platform, build system of long-range diagnosis and treatment for two counties, stay ” belt the medical treatment group that does not take ” , had delivered a report through consultation of system of long-range diagnosis and treatment up to now 640. In April 2017, group of collect lake hospital and hospital of two counties people were signed ” hospital of people of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district is radiative video and long-range diagnostic technology supports cooperative agreement ” cooperative agreement, start construction of system of medical treatment of long-range to two counties diagnosis and treatment formally, present two counties value 250 thousand yuan long-range consultation system reachs value one set 500 thousand yuan ” Luo Huyun medical treatment ” APP system each one, by sanitation of collect lake area the expert helps diagnose illness. Pass this to cover a system, the patient of two ground is sufficient do not give what the county can enjoy Luo Hu, Shenzhen and even countrywide expert to diagnose, reduced masses to see a doctor greatly curative cost. Came in January 2018 in November, applicable to both or all crosses long-range consultation Long Lin 139 reports, Xi Lin reports 68 times. This year, rely on group of collect lake hospital long-range and video diagnostic center, collect lake area defends be good at bureau to still will strengthen Long Lin, Xilinwei to give birth to informatization to build, always invest the region of Long Lin county of 4.248 million in what build with technical help on video center base, begin service of long-range medical treatment further; Technical side helps region of county of construction Xi Lin up video center. Implementation ” two counties ” the interconnection each other of hospital and hospital of subordinate villages and towns is connected, accomplish examination each other to admit, courtyard border consultation, decrease repeat an examination, dish instrument of vivid existing examination. Pass ” Luo Huyun medical treatment ” , strengthen collect lake expert and the technical communication of two prefectural doctors. The side helps effect window up 4 ” suitable abundant warm heart ” save a heart to send good news to start Qi Bangfu of extensive society force the Chen Dingling’s child of Na Hu collect is in village of Hao of Mom of town of ancient barrier of Xi Lin county be born 5 climate, be sufferred from to have congenital heart disease by diagnose. “Operation expenses needs probably 150 thousand to 220 thousand. ” Chen Long says Chen Dingling’s father, charge of such high specified number lets Home Chen must prepare to abandon cure for a time. “Doctor Luo Hu ” arrival, greeted a favourable turn in despair to the family however. Last year on September 25, in Luo Hu the help of Ou Weijian bureau falls, ford of hill of the little postscript that decide actor comes to hospital of Shenzhen city children, finish smoothly home town is returned after the operation, of Chen Jia of whole cure process at one’s own expenses part only 11837.39 yuan. “Health helps deficient up, big love is not had border ” , was full of appreciative Chen Jiaren to send the favour of Luo Hu and Shenzhen people one side silk banner. To resemble Chen Dingling to more patient of congenital heart disease and their family sends such children the hope, last year in November, bureau of Wei Jian of collect lake area took the lead in starting in Long Lin county ” suitable abundant warm heart ” the sieve checks congenital heart disease deliverance project. This item is main cure object is impoverished family 0 to 14 years old children of the following congenital heart disease, begin children first the job such as deliverance of sieve of anxiety justice examine, general, operation and humanitarian consideration, come true first anxiety little patient ” early discovery, early treatment, early rehabilitation ” target. This year on June 3, “Suitable abundant warm heart ” the project is started smoothly in Xi Lin county again. Up to now, already sifted fish of cure of operation of two counties need first anxiety little patient 43, commonweal foundation aids financially You Shunfeng to receive cure of hospital of Shenzhen city children in succession, already achieved operation cure 30 recover leave hospital. Consider sending deficient due to illness is the main reason of poverty of local common people, be in respect of deliverance of poverty door a serious illness, except build ” suitable abundant warm heart ” project, at present collect lake area defends be good at bureau to still raise money extend minister capital is used many yuan 30 at aiding financially Long Lin county of patient of high pressure of pulmonary artery of exhaustion of function of lungs of heart of town of ancient barrier of prefectural grand or patient of village waist paralysis, Xi Lin county, Xi Lin is made the same score on the west. See light to make more cataract patient new, by Luo Hu Ou Weijian bureau initiates ” sieve of patient of cataract of Xi Lin county examines the action ” also preparing in, diagnose person will acquire free operation. Start in what collect lake area defends be good at bureau below, 2017, group of trade of Shenzhen beautiful million also presents value to two counties respectively car of 300 thousand yuan action of medical team class, went to the lavatory expert and go to the countryside of medical treatment team member justice examine.