Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On August 1, sponsor by Shenzhen art gallery and Shenzhen airport group ” congratulatory People’s Republic of China establishs anniversary and 70 Shenzhen to build city 40 years: Video and spatio-temporal — work of photography of subject matter of Shenzhen of holding of Shenzhen art gallery is exhibi深圳宝安水疗预约ted (1949-2019) ” exhibit at the same time in Shenzhen art gallery and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. According to sponsorring square introduction, this the exhibition is to be congratulatory People’s Republic of China to establish 70 anniversary, Shenzhen to propose 40 years of special plans of city. According to plan the Li Yuan that exhibit a person introduces formerly, this exhibition work is the video record that Shenzhen city grows eac罗湖有什么好的水疗会馆深圳维纳斯酒店500一次h period, since revealing China of Shenzhen make a fresh start to hold water in the round, the city of world-shaking changes. It is reported, this Shenzhen art gallery photographs many times 1000 from蓝鲸湾国际水会特服 holding in work chose many深圳五星级酒店招聘 200 meticulously to exhibit, organize invite Shenzhen cameraman to combine old photograph of holding of Shenzhen art gallery to undertake the place films with angle is the same as, since revealing new China intuitionisticly to hold water especially since reforming and opening the change of Shenzhen world-shaking and achievement. Exhibit main component to be 3 big board piece: The first board piece be ” Baoan is remembered (1949-1969) ” , z深圳养生spa招聘heng Zhongjian of t深圳宝安情趣主题酒店he person that film is a worker of Shenzhen custom, an artist of native land photography, from 20 centuries 50 time rise, he records the progress of next Shenzhen with camera; The 2nd board piece be ” roc city talk about the past (1970-1979) ” , he Huangyou of the person that film is local born and bred old Shenzhen person, come 40 years for years he left a large number of[番禺]shan水沐足有qt valuable image historical data and wonderful scene for Shenzhen. The 3rd board piece be ” time brings a great change to the worlds (1949-2019) ” , this one board piece the work that show has He Huangyou, Zhang Dong, Chen Zonghao not only a few photographers come a few years the comparative photograph that to Shenzhen city e南国水岸国际水会团购ach area films continuously, still revealed piece of Yan Fang, Lai Yajun to begin from 2017, with holding the building of sex of the mark in photograph of inchoate Shenzhen city and scenery are consult, choose same ground to nod same point of view to use the Shenzhen new appearance that has filming without the newest equipment such as man-machine. The photograph of contrast of the present and the past that these apposition are together, since intuitionistic report gives new China to hold water, especially since reforming and opening the change of Shenzhen world-shaking and achievement. It is reported, the exhibition is in Shenzhen of art gallery showpiece time will come to ended on August 31 continu桑拿会所招聘搓背工ously, in Shenzhen Baoan International Airport showpiece time will come continuously on September 1.


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