Dispatch of network of collect lake home: As the arrival of big data times, collect lake area is advanced actively ” digital government ” and ” wisdom the city zone ” construction, “Data runs more road, the citizen runs less road ” was being become is in recent years the target of government affairs servive routine. Does data of each government sector use a case how? Have in the job why difficulty, pain spot? On July 26, city of wisdom of collect lake area builds a center to combine region government affairs to serve data 园洲沐足400management board, in Luo Hu management center edifice is held analysis of data of government affairs of collect lake region applied a theme to evaluate the conference 2019. 11 join meeting unit with ” talk with data, with data decision-making, manage with data, innovate with data ” for the target, make medium pain spot difficult point around ferial labour, from data of business information, public feelings, city newer, reseau collects isogon to spend, elaborate the specific plan of difficulty of the pain spot in using data analysis to solve the job. The conference invites expert of informatization of city, area, undertake discussion to solution of each unit data with grading. According to Luo Hu area wisdom city builds central controller to introduce, data of this second government affairs analyses application to evaluate half an year of mobile last a period of time, adopt ” the unit is declared, expert evaluation, center is carried out ” mode, declare from numerous unit form in the theme in all 17 data analysis and applied theme, plan to bring into outstanding subject big data of whole area year to build program. This second evaluation can be to carry out ” Luo Hu area ” digital government ” and ” wisdom the city zone ” build program of 3 years of works ” in ” data drive confluence innovates ” the bold exploration that expands a target and attempt. As we have learned, going early annual bottom, collect lake area came on stage ” Luo Hu area ” digital government ” and ” wisdom the city zone ” build program of 3 years of works (2019 – 2021) ” , with data con深圳桑拿沐足休闲会所fluence application is essential, it is with the advanced technique rely on, attach most importance to a dot in order to serve modernization of capability of processing of the people’s livelihood, stimulative the city zone, advance steadily ” one cerebra ” ” double center ” ” 3 cloudlet ” ” platform of 1+4 big data ” ” N demonstrative application ” construction. Plan puts forward, to 2021, luo Hu strives to come true ” infrastructure is carried carry character fast, innovation of data drive confluence, public service is excellent convenient, government moves efficient in coordination, processing of the city zone is contemporary careful, wisdom application is increasingly wonderful ” wait for target of 6 great progress, take the lead in building in whole town ” digital government ” , level of whole of new-style wisdom the city zone strides international to have a kind first, accelerate drive Luo Hu to take the lead in building demonstrative area of digital government start off before the others and division of surveyor’s pole of new-style wis家教兼职dom city. The conference invites expert of informatization of city, area, undertake discussion to solution of each unit data with grading. The digital zoology environment that builds energy innovation 2018, luo Hu takes the lead in establishing digital government to build management board in whole town, infrastructure is carried carry character fast. Among them, infrastructure of information of tamp the city zone, accelerate compose to build facilities of home’s banner network of digital government cloud. Carry in the round add backbone of fast government affairs, education to reach character gather together network, promotion Internet exports bandwidth, net of perfect content couplet feels a network. Rely on ” double center ” construction, compose is built ” cerebra of the city zone ” , realize whole area to run condition to be felt in the round, lash-up directs linkage of an organic whole, incident deals with efficient and orderly, decision-making analysis covers overall situation. On innovation of data resource confluence, collect lake area is used ” 1+4 ” center of big data of class of mode construction division and platform of 4 trades data, build serve for oriented data application with demand, the data that provides essence of life to pledge definitely, high for departmental door serves, support departmental door professional work effectively. Platform of 4 trades data is opposite construction public security, education, medical treatment, traffic center of area big data forms data to prop up, provide rich industry business data for its, implementation data is visible. On the other hand, luo Hu promotes digital government function of one class platform and application in the round, implementation brushs a face to login, carry out administrative office shift to change in the round. Advance administration sunshine actively orderly, advance departmental door to talk with data quickly, with data decision-making, manage with data, innovate with data, stimulative government administration is efficient cooperate with. Public service i广州月伴湾水疗有全套s more convenient the citizen runs at most to make public service high grade and convenient, collect lake area advances government affairs to serve one net to connect do, high frequency item brushs a face to do, carry out change without paper handle affairs, deepen ” run to reform at most ” . Exploration innovation government serves new form, increase the digitlization construction of the public service territory such as education, medical treatment, traffic, masses of press close to, press close to lives, let people share digital government and fruit of construction of wisdom the city zone, promote public service to be changed equably ceaselessly, Pu Huihua, convenient ch深圳龙华水疗会所哪里好ange a standard. On processing of the city zone, the city zone of collect lake innovation manages mode, optimize administrative technological process, the social event that m异性spa水疗会所视频akes whole area unite superintends platform, bu深圳桑拿論壇ild whole area incident to deal with the system that monitor, incident of implementation whole area is integrated posture pursues one piece, those who promote a city public service and event is fast deal with in coordination ability. Build public safety at the same time stereo prevent control a system, perfect the city zone manages big data to assist decision-making mechanism, government of the city that prop up is departmental door business early-warning and visible superintend, implementation the city zone administers essence of life to refine. Not only such, application of collect lake wisdom is increasingly rich. Expand need and people demand around the city zone closely, be based on segment of the key domain such as government affairs深圳哪里有酒店日结兼职, public security, medical treatment, education and traffic, pivotal business to develop the technical application such as big data, artificial intelligence and business innovation, make application of high-quality goods wisdom, comprehensive wisdom develops the city zone of drawing of fan out from point to area. How to advance digitlization transition to make new-style wisdom the city zone make the city zone of a new-style wisdom? Collect lake area gave out such answer: It is with infrastructure of information of tamp the city zone essential, it is core in order to build big data center, the governmental complete function that governs around administration of public service, government, the city zone, advance digitlization transition, outstanding wisdom turns application, pass cerebra of the city zone, overall perception, business runs implementation the city zone linkage, management is scientific and decision-making. It is with wisdom application exemple. Luo Hu plans to carry out ” the campus that do not have card ” . Use campus high-definition supervisory system offers the identity attestation that is based on person face to identify, connect advancing travel to information is collected and come in and go out to personnel control, officer square governor masters in school student information in real time, maintain campus security environment. Construction person face identifies without perception check on work attendance is mixed call-over system, realize the automatic statistic of circumstances of pair of student classroom turn out for work, convenient parent, school makes specific aim for the student education and coach plan. The pilot books that brush a face borrows read, the school bus that brush a face multiplies repast of the car, dining room that brush a face to wait to be changed without card, change without card transform, school of cost of managing and day-to-day management, promotion manages efficiency. This job protocol is in 10 schools will be finished bef上海桑拿蒲友论坛ore the bottom this year in December pilot. The respect experiences in wisdom go to a doctor, luo Hu will rely on the construction of platform of medical treatment informatization, exploration artificial intelligence is in of setting of go to a doctor apply, provide close, convenient medical treatment service for the citizen. Be based on artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology, exploration AI customer service offers medical treatment to seek advice, intelligence guides the service such as examine. The data resource such as the citizen census register that relies on assemble of the bank that enrol business at the same time, credence, social security, accumulation fund and technology of big data picture, to see a doctor the citizen grants fictitious medical treatment line of credit, get through bank and group of collect lake hospital plan fee system, card of bank of supportive much home, small letter, pay the terms of payment such as treasure, implementation ” see a doctor first, hind pay fee, credit pays ” medical treatment pays mode, decrease queue up, exalt a citizen the experience feeling of go to a doctor. This job will be in will finish before the bottom in December. Luo Hu still will be dedicated to making wisdom pass through. Embrace in the light of traffic, be based on platform of traffic big data to develop wisdom current control system. Use fastigium full automatic tide control, intelligent perception, analysis, forecast advocate, the car discharge feature of second direction, through getting used to green wave oneself cooperative control comes true advocate the inductive discharged; of fast and scattered, second direction of direction makes the same score peak period to carry out control of induction of two-way person car, intelligence detects wagon flow feature and trend of stream of people crossing a street, 深圳翻身附近按摩balanced, two-way wisdom puts a stream of people, wagon flow, promote general efficiency adequately. Embrace in the light of holiday scene area, development makes an appointment a travel system, rely on platform of traffic big data, be based on make an appointment number of data, history data, video builds analysis of intelligence of scene area traffic and early-warning system according to waiting, accurate forecast, science guiding, improve a citizen to give an experience. This job will be in will finish before the bottom in October 2021.


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