更多深圳桑拿会所体验报告:http://suo.im/5PMsVq ▲ Li Fengjiao attends in Beijing commend congress. ▲ Li Fengjiao is obtained in people congress hall commend. Worked more than 20 years in Shenzhen, on the working station that I stand fast to be adminis深圳福田哪里有桑拿tered integratedly all the time, handled issue of hundreds basic level, from be without experience to arrive to fumble slowly at the beginning, ceaseless innovation, the integrated processing job with street Shekou also is done weller and weller. Ten years, the eye sees beside the bungalow with one low flickering becomes topping, capacious modern building gradually, fine of my deep feeling is much. No matter be the Shenzhen when I just came, still develop the Shenzhen of the move quickly still nowadays, it is red-blooded with enthusiasm, so fervent atmosphere is one of accounts that I choose to stay in Shenzhen to do good put together to control the job, shenzhen these year of taking development result also make me right the future of this city was full of confidence. Li Fengjiao female, was born at brook of Guangxi a surname in August 1956, the Han nationality, party school is on-the-job record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning. Joined a Chinese Communist in January 1976, had a job in October 1973, street agency city manages a mountainous area Shekou south Cengren division (love is defended do) section chief, put together is treated do chief, south a mountainous area Shekou is street agency deputy survey member. Oral time nods Shekou nuncupatively on October 11, 2019 street do this period interview and write Tang Wenjuan of reporter of Shenzhen evening paper’s trainee Yin Chen one comes already, install, since came to Shenzhen, be here with respect to sureness take root. High school graduation wants to enter me to be brought up in Hainan island outside in of one mind of balata farm work, 1973, after high school graduates, I become educated youth of return to one’s native place, work in balata farm together with urban comer. Because performance is super深圳最新2019扫黄活动ior, I was promoted to become assistant factory director 1977. Although be in,the job of Hainan and life are compared flexibly, but I still want to leave Hainan, go to other place going all out in work one time. Our home has 4 brother sister, the others left Hainan 3 times, I also wante深圳哪里有不正规沐足d to leave more. 1982, the unit of a subordinate that I am moved to head office of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal to save spring county in Guangdong — company of estate of copper of Guangdong stone Qia . In those days, this enterprise is stress unit of the country, the job such as collect mining, mineral separation, smelt at an organic whole. High school graduate is asked entirely at that time ” melt down is built again ” , work so, I still go up in the evening worker night is big. It is just about over there, I knew my gentleman, he teachs a course greatly in night. Follow the husband comes Shenzhen be affected by Shenzhen atmosphere place 1986, my gentleman attune comes to Shenzhen become physical teacher. After two years, I follow his step comes Shenzhen. When Shenzhen arriving first, I press down a government in Shekou (now Shekou is street do) hold a post, basically be in charge of general affairs of the Women’s Federation. Shekou presses down a government to have two simple and easy buildings only in those days, pound and slimy ground are completely all round, we often joke, extend a fishing rod to went out to be able to fish from the window. Arrive summer, the mosquito near the office is mad develop, bite popular irritated meaning is random. Look at bleak and bleak Shekou town, bearing the bite of the stink of pond and mosquito, I can’t help regretting a bit. Be in at that time spring I had been a cadre, enjoying favorable treatment, came to Shenzhen from 0 begin. The husband comforts me, come already, install, since came to Shenzhen, be here with respect to sureness take root. Everybody’s enthusiasm is very fortunately sufficient in those days, “Time is money, efficiency is life ” all catchword is incentive people go all out, I also investment of ground of a head goes in the job. Say with the word at that time, “Work namely ” . Began 1992, our unit begins to prepare build office building oneself, this building that is in now is awaited in those day namely build rise. Street put together treats two doing is to safeguard a society to stabilize most the branch of basic level, also be the most crucial branch, doing nice thought firm put together to control the job is to advance street the important safeguard that each job begins smoothly. Initiate reseau changes management to dog manage urban and深圳桃花园休闲会所 rural population 1990, via approval of the State Council, the organizational system of area of Shekou of Shenzhen city cancel, shekou, south the head is amalgamative establish for south a mountainous area, shekou town also changes set for Shekou street. 1996, street security of society administers Shekou integratedly committee holds water, set the office (abbreviation ” put together is treated do ” ) , my transfer put together is treated do chief, be in charge of studying the policy that security of society administers integratedly, measure, security of society of organization, directive basic level is on guard integratedly, civilized village is founded wait for the job. This works, it is more than 10 years. Last centuries 90 time, shenzhen is setting period at a lunar month of 30 days, everywhere has not be over it is thus clear that the building site of labour. The member that have worker of a lot of Wu comes to Shenzhen to work, the hobo of Shenzhen is very much. And often live population ph深圳qm明月论坛登录otograph is compared, hobo manages harder. Because they may remove at any time, once discover public security problem, want get to the bottom of sth to trace to the source the news such as the address that checks him, native place is unusually hard. To administer these random elephants, we think up reseau to change administrative way. Alleged reseau changes management to include benefit of responsibility of person, bag, bag namely. The administrative limits here exceeds 3 square kilometer at that time, we differentiate this limits many a reseau, from street do workstation, house appoint meet or community, every reseau has curator, responsibility is clear. Each house appoint can establish a public security committee,深圳龙岗会所全t each uptown property administration creates office of public security government, all provide full-time personnel, street agency appoints chief directly. In the meantime, right the unit inside area under administration, uptown fulfil system of job responsibility, “Who is whose director, responsible ” ” the job that everyone has provided him door ” . These controller need to come actively, make for all and ab extra population register. Come so, once there is stranger to enter in the village, our functionary identifies can sensitively, undertake thereby more meticulous track. At that time we this method gets effective remarkable, still was gone to by promotion complete Guangdong province is used. In April 2003, put together of street agency innovation treats working mechanism, make come on stage ” Shekou is street safeguard stability and security of societ深圳升逸酒店水疗价格y to administer system of committee contact supervisor integratedly ” ” street agency treats Shekou keep responsibility of can main job ” etc, the regulation holds put together to treat working meet and discuss to meet every week, hold analysis of public security job every months to meet, reside every year with each appoint countersign orders security of society to ad罗湖会所全凉了minister responsibility book integratedly, begin to treat the job to execute a system to turn management to put together. Put forward ” poison of island give up ” new thinking is helped answer attract staff mouth of successful drop serpent is street because situation is special, the job that prohibit toxin is unusually formidable. Here has a lot of fishermans at that time, they go to sea is in about a year, the child stays behind to be in charge of in the nobody in the home. These children lack parental education and basic legal consciousness, run to the what on the street what to play amusedly, see family drug taking, oneself also try, caught drug addiction insensibly. 2007, one community has our street fishing personnel of 3 drug taking, ban poison 10 times to fail to succeed early or late. Days they are whole faineant, in the gad inside community, still have a few thief sometimes small feel behavior, sleeping and eating of your community dweller is installed hard. To help them complete ring poison, everybody thought a lot of way, but get effective not beautiful, once break away from a canal to accuse, they are met again try every means gets drugs to undertake answer suck. For this, I am bold put forward poison of island give up to work, make them complete be far from poisonous source namely, send island them. There is island of a lonely inside our area under administration, at ordinary times only a few army and staff member are stationed in that. On the island one desolate, only thousands of monkey of natural groove guard joins. We serve an island these drug taking personnel, the give up in letting the environment that they are keeping apart with the world drops drug addiction. Time belt wears our staff member the island on the necessaries of life such as rice face oily grain visits them, I still bought 100 chicklings to give them raise at one’s own expenses, make them occupied can be done. Time grows, the personnel that can insist to stay on the island learns to cultivate crop autarky not only, still can help the general affairs on administrative island. We also grant them a few base pay, in order to keeps daily expense. Come so not only help their give up drop drug addiction, still helped them find a place for on certain level the life. Personnel of those 3 drug taking also issues successful drop poison in this environment, get married establish line of business. Besides, each community workstation still publicizes the education that prohibit toxin energetically. Make the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin teach column, in ab extra population concentrated community holds the picture that prohibit toxin to exhibit, the motion picture that prohibit toxin is shown in square of community open air, constituent citizen enters activity of lottery of interlocution of the knowledge that prohibit toxin, still in area under administration 4 middle and primary school are begun ban poison to make a pledge to wait with autograph activity, let a citizen establish the favorable point of view that prohibit toxin, from go up at all put an end to osculatory drugs. Three alleged ” in its, seek its politics ” , if I serve as put together to treat the functionary that do,shrink back not before, who does that still have to you can handle these issues? All night handles trouble between labor and management to safeguard basic level to stabilize the past, because relevant legal laws and regulations is not perfect, shenzhen has a lot of building site to hire non-standard, touch sometimes on the enterprise manages difficulty, the dispute that back pay of proprietor of an enterprise brings about appears in great quantities. Settle the dispute that causes from this, maintain stability of basic level society, became my mainest job. 2007, because the worker that has building site does not take salary to take the action that denounce firewood. Hundreds of workers are clamorous on not finishing driveway, have a worker utterance among them intense, take ultra action even. Our responsibility is major at that time, want to contact project controller on one hand, pacify a worker even on one hand. That day is I am on duty at night, after receiving a telephone call, I am wanting to contact put together to treat at this moment do or the other personnel of public security may have not enough time, drive toward the spot alone immediately. Just saw hundreds of people to the spot, I am muddled, did not think of situation is so serious. But since the question had happened, cannot escape, want to think method is solved as soon as possible. I contacted project controller immediately, let a boss take money, I and boss together, at the same time list of worker of check the amount, send money at the same time, worked even the axis so one in the evening, the salary that defaults all workers e深圳福田kb论坛ventually extends end. Be in a few days ago, I come up against a survey personnel of custom, he returns pair of this matter remain fresh in one’s memory, he asks me how dare 3 more face hundreds of workers alone in the middle of the night. After-thought rises now, have some of fear after the event really, but at that time is I should am worth, I must be in charge of to my job. In fact, similar such greatly small small business has managed here a lot of. Still write down have the beginning of the year of a year of Spring Festival 2 in the evening, I am wanting to take a walk with the building below family, receive a telephone call, so east because horny head has a meal generation dispute, cause die 3 injuries, I drive the past to coordinate rapidly. Result here firm processing is over, receive the telephone call of boss of a restaurant again, their restaurant has a client malty wine mauled another client, ask me to was handled in the past. Handled all issue in the evening that day, already was before dawn. It is difficult to because I run every corner at area under administration discharges care for the dweller everyday,be solved, a lot of dwellers of local know me. I ever was become street the hot line with police station, every has the thing that concerns with masses of area under administration, shekou police station can look for me directly. A lot of dwellers encounter dispute, also can contact me directly. If say be a holiday the work is not hard, but alleged ” in its, seek its politics ” , if I serve as put together to study the chief that do,shrink back not before, who does that still have to be able to handle these issues. Arm with high-tech execute the law the team builds safe and civilized village to break out safe incident besides processing, ferial in, we still strengthen street environment construction, arm with high-tech execute the law team, promotion executes the law method, construction installs completely civilized village. 1996, to increase safe civilization the village founds strength, member of leading group of street Party committee, agency, his link up with a village, increase found investment. Be in for example south water village invests 400 thousand yuan, build south a mountainous area network of monitoring of the first closed-circuit television, closed circuit camera is set in main crossing, state of public security of round-the-clock surveillant road surface深圳 水会是什么意思. Dweller of village census register 110, an installation and village call the police the center binds call the police system, once appear alarm affection, call the police the center shines automatically namely a red light, security personnel personnel receives alarm center instruction, the accident drives to the spot inside a few minutes. In the meantime, shekou is street take construction of village civilization environment seriously. Be like fishing one, litchi of punish of bay mansion village forest, build stool of desk of flower bed, stone, stone, make in former days rubbish forms a pile, the litchi with fascicular fireweed forest, become a resident recreational recreational small park. Water village builds dweller activity center south 150 square metre, investment purchases equipment of fitness, recreation many yuan 10,深圳678水疗会所照片 still hold ” Qing Guoqing, he Zhongqiu ” pleasance evening party. 2007, shekou is street do to advance electron of safe and civilized village to prevent in the round control project, raise public security to prevent control standard of science and technology, increase to prevent and hit all sorts of illegal crime ability. When annual bottom, build room of street electron monitoring 1, room of village electron monitoring 139, probe of installation electron monitoring 2609, room of community electron monitoring 6. In south water community is pilot carry out ” surround combine form ” ” travel in深圳西乡kb场大全dustry pattern ” new pattern of rented house management, obtain remarkable result. Four administers the job integratedly to had been done, ability lays next solid foundations for other job progress. Old put together treats the effect to witness Shenzhen to develop ceaselessly significantly 2011, I retire formally. Time look at the past, I stand fast to go up in the working station that administers integratedly all the time, handled issue of hundreds basic level, from be without experience to arrive to fumble slowly at the beginning, ceaseless innovation, the integrated processing job with street Shekou also is done weller and weller.深圳休闲会所 查的严 Try hard in ours and drive below, shekou is street built dimension firm put together to manage joint meeting system, established street dimension firm put together to manage a center, established 21 safe and civilized villages and two civilized ways, the electron is prevented accuse project to get be drivinged quickly, fulfilled farming city to change community put together to treat unifinication management and ” surround combine form ” ” travel industry pattern ” new pattern of rented house management. As urban development, the staff member also need not come to undertake registering for personnel from door to door nowadays, those who replace is the high-tech method of modernization, informatization. Since I have a job from 1973, work in basic level all the year round. Constant somebody asks me, why be in charge of administering this kind integratedly to be sufferred from again all the time work tiredly again? Go attending a meeting in the area, I also am exclusive a female that is in charge of put together controlling the job. I want to there are a lot of reasons among this, it is me disposition is candidder, working may as well, the life, I like to be gone to continuously continuously. Such disposition suits quite and everybody is communicated frankly and sincerely, solve a problem. Moreover, I feel integrated to administer the job to had been done, ability lays next solid foundations for other job progress. 2009, I was obtained ” security of society of 2008 year whole nation administers 2005 ~ integratedly advanced worker ” honorary title, still got in people congress hall of party and national leader interview. This award it is manpower resource and the selection that social security ministry combines the Ministry of Public Security to hold, judge 4 years, guangdong province is chosen 4 times on深圳桑拿论坛吧ly at that time. Among them one comes from beautiful to close, one comes from Zhongshan, one comes from Dongguan, another is me. This also is the affirmation that old to me put together controls the job. Worked 23 years in Shenzhen, look at beside the bungalow with one low flickering becomes topping, capacious modern building gradually, looking at this city is to have energy so forever, I was full of confidence to th深圳海豚湾休闲都会e future of this city.

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